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Paruna raceset from France

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Heres a electric raceset made by Paruna scientific toys. Some say the set was made before ww2, some around 1947. There seems to be only around 4 sets known to exist. The car is diecast & slotless with 2 brushes in front to make electrical contact. The track is handmade of wood,either brass or copper,& a circuit type board. I dont think very many of these sets were ever made. The track made an oval with 1 side raised so you could add another set & have 2 cars racing.


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The Paruna sets keep appearing here and there, but are quite rare in intact condition. They were almost certainly manufactured after WW2, and produced as a toy until at least 1954 because I remember have seen one in the window of a toy shop in Paris when I was a bit younger.
Don refreshed my memory a few years back in showing me a picture of a set, and we wondered what/when/where then, but then I recalled seeing the thing, because my uncle/godfather wanted to buy me a set for Christmas and instead I wanted the Schuco Varianto with TWO cars (well, a car and a truck) for the same money... I pinpointed the year because other things happened then that could not have happened before or after, like where I was in school and where we lived.
I got the Schuco set, I should have bid on the Paruna!
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