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Paruna raceset from France

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Heres a electric raceset made by Paruna scientific toys. Some say the set was made before ww2, some around 1947. There seems to be only around 4 sets known to exist. The car is diecast & slotless with 2 brushes in front to make electrical contact. The track is handmade of wood,either brass or copper,& a circuit type board. I dont think very many of these sets were ever made. The track made an oval with 1 side raised so you could add another set & have 2 cars racing.


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The car looks like it could have been based on a alfa romeo 308c GP car which i think raced in the 1938 season ,not very succesfully ,if it was then it would have given the french around a year or so before the panzers rolled in to design maufacture and market it .
I suppose they might have carried on manufacture after 1939 but it seems more likely that it would have been made after 1946
However if it wasn,t then I suppose it accounts for it being so rare

Cheers tony
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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