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PC based challenger ?

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Have any of you seen this :

Ebay Auction

What the hell this all about - £220 for that !! , there are ones with bidding on
for the £50-£60 mark - has anyone heard of this , does it work ?
Or is it a pile of pants ?
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He knows how to talk something up!

Zylog Z80 chip was cutting edge - in 1982! Course it might still do the job... presumably as long as your car has one magnet of the right shape...

And calling it the Scalextric (!!!!!!) changer 2 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I suspect even if it does work, it will be a faff to set up. And the price! Just shows how amazing Scalextric's £50 offering really is (and you get a car with that one!)
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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