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PC based challenger ?

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Have any of you seen this :

Ebay Auction

What the hell this all about - £220 for that !! , there are ones with bidding on
for the £50-£60 mark - has anyone heard of this , does it work ?
Or is it a pile of pants ?
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Wow! Sounds fun, except for the price. It would probably conflict with digital...if the wrong car crosses the switch then the speed calibration is off.

Is the term Scalextric a trademark or has that battle already been won in the UK the Hoover/Xerox/Kleenex kind of situation?

For all the though and good work that probably went into this it would be a shame if this is what shuts the guy down...He'd probably just have to change the labels on all 42 units.

We still must applaud efforts to better/advance the hobby. Perhaps Scaley will simply buy the guys system and put the SportWorld sticker on the front of it, since it already has their brand name on.

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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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