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Pegaso Le Mans Spyder

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A wonderfull article has been submitted by Jeff Davies on the Pegaso Le Mans Spyder.

Click here to read the text.

Thanks Jeff, looking forward to more of the same
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Its always a little daunting to order a car sight unseen, especially an expensive one like a Slot Classic. However, Jeff's review convinced me to take a chance and I ordered a Slot Classic Morgan from Slot Classic's website (only because there is no local supplier in Australia).
The car, #386 of 400, arrived this morning and its absolutely stunning as a model. But even better, it drives just like I imagine the real Morgan did around the Le Mans circuit. The motor, gearing and chassis are a beautiful match for a 1950's/early 60's sports car. Its destined for many, many more laps of my track.

So I just wanted to say thank you Jeff, for taking the time and effort to review a manufacturer that's not mainstream.

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JohnP, indeed I do appreciate your silver car. I have an old Scalex version that's well worn and not as nice as yours. Porsche 550's first appeared at Le Mans in 1953 although in a streamlined coupe version rather than the Spyder. However it would be modeller's licence to race your car against the Pegaso as they're both of the same era. For comparison with the Pegaso and Ferrari stats above, the 1954 550 1500RS Spyder, with its huge 1498cc claimed a top speed of 196kph ('Porsche in Motorsport' by Peter Morgan).

Trivia for you -- you have the model of a 550rs, but who owns this car?

I found this and other Porsche pics via AltaVista at Hillman images, except the site's links are broken.
Give up?
Jerry Seinfeld.
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Hi JohnP,
I went through just about everything I have on 550's (sadly not enough) and it seems from the photos that only race cars requiring a navigator, such as Mille Miglia or Targa Florio cars, would match your model.
This pic seems to be all the 550's at Le Mans

But this morning I found a great candidate for your car

I found this one at Celebration of the Motorcar and it was in Aus in 2002 (and I missed it.....). Contrary to everything I've found, the narrative implies this car won both the Targa Florio as well as its class at Le Mans. It could be that "this car" refers to Porsche 550's generically rather than this specific example but the true answers should lie in the Porsche Museum at Stuttgart.

Finally, a quite funny drawing that illustrates Hans Herrmann and Herbert Linge's apparently true railway crossing technique, from 1954 Mille Miglia, can be found here.
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That's so true, biggstr6, I never knew where the word "poof" came from until this thread. Next time I get my car serviced and there's a mechanic with a little grease in his hair, I know just what to call him. Thank you Mr Pea
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Don't tell that to Moped, JohnP, or he'll suggest that to Adrian as well. A joint Hornby-Scalextric offering combining those Harry Potter sets with a set of Caterhams and a new sports "Railway crossing" hazard track with operating boom gates. A new use for all those spare Mr Blobby heads?
Gomez Addams, where are you...
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