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Pegaso Le Mans Spyder

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A wonderfull article has been submitted by Jeff Davies on the Pegaso Le Mans Spyder.

Click here to read the text.

Thanks Jeff, looking forward to more of the same
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Great car and great article.

I must leave it "lying around" so my wife can find it!.........Christmas is coming after all.


Great stuff guys. We are so lucky on this Forum to have such a wealth of talent with an in depth knowledge of their subject...great!.

OK that's enough about Porkers, what about a "real mans" car the Ferrari F40, I really need some back ground on the racing liveries, history etc. for a little project I'm working on. Info on the web seems a little limited and really only covers the Pilot Le Mans car and a few other French entrants.

Any assistance appreciated, (maybe I should start a new thread?)


1 - 2 of 44 Posts
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