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Pegaso Le Mans Spyder

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A wonderfull article has been submitted by Jeff Davies on the Pegaso Le Mans Spyder.

Click here to read the text.

Thanks Jeff, looking forward to more of the same
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QUOTE (Rail Racer @ 31 Dec 2003, 05:46 PM)This Christmas I have spent a lot of time slot racing with my children and I must say some the most fun slot cars to drive have been two of my Slot Classic cars. The Mercedes is great fun, seeing how far I can get the back of it to slide coming out of the hairpin on the track.
They are not fast but they are fast enough to be a lot of fun with no magnets and narrow tyres.

Happy New Year.
RR, I just wanted to add that I like the "classic" feel of these cars too.

Here is my Slot Classic Morgan - beautifully detailed

...and this year Santa was kind enough to bring me two classic cars: an Aston Martin and Lister-Jaguar both made by MMK.

Again, both models are nicely detailed and "sweet" to drive.

Happy New Year everyone

P.S. both these MMK models come with rear view mirrors - not fitted at the time I took these photographs.
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...and here is one 550rs might appreciate

This car is by "Any Slot". It is built on a Ninco Porsche 356 chassis and features etched metal parts.
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Well, you're welcome to come and race Dennis - so long as you drive my cars gently
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Thanks for that 550rs. I always enjoy a trivia quiz... in fact I have a question for you too

The box insert for my model says that it is "Le Mans 1955" but, as you say, these cars were typically streamlined versions.

As far as I can see there were six 550rs' that actually ran in that tragic race:

37 - von Frankenberg/Polensky
66 - Seidel/Gendebien
62 - Gloeckler/Juhan
49 - Duntov/Veuillet
65 - Olivier/Jeser
38 - Ringgenberg/Gilomen

Does my model actually represent any of these cars or is this another example of "modellers license"?

Actual photos seem hard to find although I have eliminated no.s 37, 65 and 49 as these all had covered in bodywork over the passenger seat.

This leaves 62, 66 and 38 as possibilities but out of these the only decals supplied with the model are for 62.

So, could this be a model of the number 62 Helm Glöckler/Jaroslav Juhan car - or, is this not a model of any of these cars

Ideally, I would like to decorate this car to represent an actual prototype.

Any ideas anyone?
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QUOTE The Duntov/Veuillet car was run in 1956 by Helmut Polensky and Claude Storez

TSRF, did the 1955 LeMans Duntov/Veuillet no.49 become the 1956 Storez/Helmut Polensky no.28 or have I mis-understood?

I believe that the '55 car had streamlined bodywork and a 1097cc engine wheras in '56 your blue no. 28 would look to have had revised "open" bodywork and a 1498cc engine. A few mods must have gone on there.

It seems that the no.28 car does look like my silver model but it would not have appeared like that in Le Mans 1955.

What have I got here
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Thank you, thank you, thank you for such a supreme effort 550rs and to TSRF for detailing the provenance of this model. I now realize how much happiness I may bring to the wallets of the other 77 public owners next time I send my Porsche crashing to the floor!

I had been thinking of making a track with a section of cobbled old roadway (as in my pictures) so the Targa and MM options seem very appealing or, perhaps the model should go gracefully into semi-retirement in a nice little diorama? But then, there is always howmet and his cosmetic slot car repair kit it (come to think of it - it seems a little wide anyway) so it shall keep on running!

Now, if anyone knows of any great period reference photographs to inspire such a track...

Thanks once again guys - and to RR too of course, even if this thread is supposed to be about a different make of "Le Mans Spyder" - 3 out of 4 key words is staying pretty well on-topic by my usual standards!
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Looking at that cartoon 550rs, I was reminded of my old Airfix Vanwall from the '60s which had a driver in that pose (now fixed).

I always thought he was tying his shoe laces but now the truth is out - damned model railway crossings
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QUOTE Don't tell that to Moped, JohnP, or he'll suggest that to Adrian as well

Hmm good thought 550rs...

... or perhaps we should go for an even newer angle on this? Yes, I think this warrants a completely fresh idea!

I know "mimic motorways"
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