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Long before building Pegaso cars Wifredo Ricart, for twenty years, was an Alfa Romeo engineer; in almost every respect I have to agree with mr. PdL since he was a talented man, but not quite a successful one. He designed some complex engines and also Grand Prix cars that can be considered mechanical jewels, but had too many problems and never were winners; it seems that Enzo Ferrari was in conflict with him and finally decided to leave the Alfa Romeo race team, to found his own factory.
So, if Ferrari today is what all the world knows, perhaps it is due to mr. Ricart bad character.
This was mr. Ricart, a real spanish gentleman of the '30.

One of his most futuristic projects : the Alfa tipo 162 engine, 3 liters 16 cylinders 4 ohc of 490 cv.

Another one : the unsuccessful but fascinating Alfa tipo 512, with a 12 cylinders engine of only 1,5 liters, twin turbo, and 335 cv ( 225 cv/ liter !!)

And finally, with Grand Prix champion Nino Farina at a Paris show, presenting a Pegaso : note the suicide door!!

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