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Pendle Slot Racing Club - Oxigen Battle of the Manufacturers 12hr 2012

Team 1 Slotting Plus - Gainsborough
Team 2 Ninco -
Team 4 Slot It - Moseley
Team 5 SCX - North Staffs
Team 6 NSR - Wolves
Team 7 Scaleauto - Pendle Slot Racing Club Team 1
Team 8 Avant Slot - North Staffs
Team 9 Arrow Slot - Pendle Slot Racing Club Team 2
Team 10 MB Slot -
Team 11 Racer Sideways - Gary Skipp

Each team will be made up of a minimum of 3 drivers per day and a maximum of 6 drivers over the 2 days.
Each team driver will be required to race at least once and share the marshalling & mechanic duties.
To keep costs to a minimum, teams of 6 drivers may be split into 2 groups of 3 to race on each day to avoid hotel costs.

12 Hour endurance race which will be held over the duration of two days. The first 6 hours of the race will take part on Saturday the 24th of November 12am - 6pm the second part of the race will take part on Sunday the 25th of November 10am till 4pm.
As this is an endurance race cars will be placed in parc ferme immediately after scrutineering and overnight between the 2 part race. In the event of a car breakdown repairs must be made in the servicing area during race time only.

One car only is to be used throughout the race, if a part breaks or fails during a heat, the car can be repaired during race time at the Scrutineering benches under supervision of the scruntineers using only the parts allowed in the provided spares boxes for each team.
In the unlikely event of a total write off where the original car is beyond repair a replacement car (conforming to the rules) may be used for the remainder of the race but will be removed from the finishing results. (This car will need to be Scrutineered before allowed onto the track.)

The Race may be run under caution on a single lane at the discretion of race control, in the following instances
• Loss of power to the circuit
• Faulty lane changing Mechanism on the Circuit

The Race may be paused at the discretion of race control in the following instances
• Total loss of power to the circuit
• Faulty lane change mechanism into pit lane
• Circuit becomes blocked
• Other power or system failure in the venue
• Loss of timing and scoring system
• Fire alarm sounds

The Status of the race will not change in the following instances Car or Component Failure within the car
• Faulty Hand controller
• Car or Component failure with in the car

The race will be run over the duration of two 6hr stints over two days.
At the end of each 6hr stint the race will finish when the leading car crosses the line in the first instance after 6hrs of racing. The rest of the field will then complete their current lap and cross the line to finish.

At the end of the first 6hr stint all cars will be placed in parc ferme over night.

There will be one Qualifying session on Saturday morning for 30 minutes. Cars must complete a minimum of 3 flying laps.
Only cars that have passed scrutineering will be allowed on the circuit.

Times from qualifying will determine the start order for the race. Only cars that have qualified will be allowed to start the race. Pole position car will be awarded choice of starting lane and drivers position. Only the middle two lanes will be used for the pace laps and cars must not overtake until the green flag is shown.

Any inspection or work carried out on the car must be done from the pit lane. And car removed to the official pit area for work to be carried out on the car.
Car must be placed back onto the track in the pit lane.

All Driver must register with race control before taking there place on the driver rostrum.
Drivers may only change when the car is stationary in the pit lane.

Only GT / Sports cars allowed. Newly released cars/spares must be available from Pendle Slot Racing by October 31st to be eligible to use at this event.
Traction Magnets MUST be removed and no extra magnets can be added.
Cars MUST have their chassis to body fixing screws firmly secured or covered with a piece of tape or blue tac to prevent screws working loose and falling onto the track.
Only cars / parts from the allocated manufacturer can be used, all parts must be readily available from Pendle Slot Racing to be eligible.
No custom made one off, manufactured, proto-type or modified parts can be used.

Bodies may be repainted but must remain standard, no lowering of bodies, no lowering of body mounting posts or trimming of wheel arches is allowed. Body mounting posts may be re-inforced but must remain the standard length. Interiors may be replaced with the manufacturers own lightweight vac-formed interior complete with a driver figure/head and must be a neat fit inside the body so that the chassis is not visible when viewed from above. Windscreens/Windows must remain standard and remain clear so that the interior can be viewed. If a vac-formed interior is not produced by the manufacturer then the original interior must be used but may be lightened by removing excess parts but must retain a driver figure. Bodies MUST have rear wings/spoilers in place at all times and must be securely fastened If a spoiler does become detached you must pit and repair it. The use of plain Unpainted bodies is not allowed, plain Unpainted bodies must be painted so that there are no unpainted areas (the use of clear coat lacquer over unpainted plastic is not allowed). Wing mirrors & aerials may be removed. Headlamp / tail lamp lenses must be in place at the start of the first heat of the meeting.

Chassis must match the body and remain standard. The chassis edges may be lightly sanded to allow body or motor mount rock only, excessive trimming is not allowed and must not be used as a way of reducing weight or increasing flex. Adjustable universal chassis such as HRS are NOT eligible.

You may use any matching motor & mount combination in inline, sidewinder or Anglewinder configuration. Motor mounts MUST remain standard and must not be modified in any way. Motors MUST fit the mount as they were intended i.e. no turning or lowering of motor in mount, no additional adaptor mounts can be used.

The motor will be supplied by the organisers,
The motor must be identifiable and must retain the label/Wrapper where applicable although the wrapper may be cut off on the underside of the car. Each team will be supplied with 2 motors.
Motors may be glued into the chassis or secured by screws.

Suspension units in standard form may be used providing the body or chassis is not modified to fit them. Suspension units must remain standard no mixing / matching of units allowed. Only suspension units produced by the team's manufacturer are eligible

Gears MUST remain standard, no drilling or lightning of gears allowed. Any combination of gearing from the allocated manufacturers range only may be used.

Wheels MUST remain standard, no additional drilling or lightening of wheels allowed.
Alloy, Magnesium or Plastic wheels can be used. Any combination of the team's allocated manufacturer may be used.

Solid or hollow axles from the allocated manufacturers range only to be used. Independent front axle kits may be used in standard form only.

Rear tyres will be supplied in the form of BRM F22 Tyres. Each team will be allocated6 pairs, all teams will race on the same rear tyres. All teams will be required to use these tyres.
Tyres must be dry before a car is placed on the circuit.
Front Tyres must be used but are of a free choice but must be of a rubber compound. Front tyres may be clear varnished.

Please note the use or presence of syringes for inflating tyres is not permitted at this event
Anyone caught with or using a syringe at the event/venue will be disqualified and the team asked to leave the event.
Any Oil of Wintergreen type products or MB19063 tyre additive/substances are also banned from the event.
The only eligible tyre treatments available will be 3-in-one oil & lighter fluid, which will be provided by the organisers at the service area.

Any guide from the allocated manufacturers range only may be used and may be trimmed to shape if required. (It is illegal to add parts to a guide i.e. extending the blade.)

Are not required and MUST not be fitted.

With axles centred wheels & tyres must not protrude outside of the wheel arches when viewed from above.
With the car placed on a flat set up plate, no part of the chassis must touch the plate.

Only parts available from the team's allocated manufacturer are to be used except for the following:
Braid, axle/guide spacers, motor to guide cable, grub screws, body screws & motor fixing screws.
Weight may be added, this may be lead or a lead substitute. Weight must be added inside the car and must be securely fastened in.

Each team will be allowed a selection of spare parts which can be used to repair, service their car during the event. The spares will be kept at the service area in a sealed container during the race. In the event of a team's car requiring work, the car must be taken to the service area and their spares box requested. All work must be completed under supervision of the scrutineers and must be completed during race time only at the service area, and not track side. Work must be carried out by a nominated team mechanic.



08:00 Doors open
08:30 - 09:30 Track opens for practice
09:30 - 10:30 Scrutineering (Track Closed)
10:30 - 11:00 Qualifying
11:15 Drivers Briefing and Qualifying results
11:45 Cars placed on Grid and Drivers to position
11:59 Cars leave grid for pace laps
12:00 Race Commences (Part 1)
18:00 Race Finishes (Part 1)


09:00 Doors open
10:00 Race Commences (Part 2)
16:00 Race Finishes (Part 2)
16:15 Presentation

Pendle Slot Racing Club
49 Churchill Way, Lomeshaye Ind Est, Nelson, Lancs, BB9 6RT
Tel 01282 612418

From M65 Eastbound exit at junction 12. Take the Left lane on the Slip road and at the Roundabout take the first Exit (Left). Follow the road down and Cross two mini Roundabouts.
Continue to follow this road for about ¾ of a mile till eventually you come to the end. Turn left and left again into the car park. The club is situated in the last unit on the left. (No 49)

From M65 Westbound exit junction 12. Take the Right hand lane on the Slip Road and take third exit off the Roundabout onto Lomeshaye Ind Est. Follow the road down and Cross two mini Roundabouts.
Continue to follow this road for about ¾ of a mile till eventually you come to the end. Turn left and left again into the car park. The club is situated in the last unit on the left. (No49)

Please note that Sat nav systems will direct you to junction 13 and to the wrong side of the Estate were there is no access. Please program your Sat Nav to Junction 12.

Accommodation and evening meal will be at the Rosehill House Hotel.
Rose Hill House
Rosehill Avenue
BB11 2PW
Breakfast is included in the price of the rooms.
Please call [T]: 01282 453931 [F]: 01282 455628 [E]: [email protected] to book a room/Rooms Quote Pendle Slot Racing.

Once fully booked alternative accommodation can be found in the following places. Booking are on a first come first serve basis so please book ASAP as room availabilty is limited.

Cavalry Barracks, Barracks Rd, Burnley, Lancashire, BB11 4SB - 0870 191 1625‎

Holiday inn Express
55 Pendle Way, Burnley, BB12 0TJ - 0800 988 3282

These are both about 5 mins down the road from the hotel.

If anyone can't find any accommodation please give us a call.

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Race Fees per team are £90.

This fee includes x1 Slot it Digital chip, X6 pairs of Tyres and X1 had out motor any additional items will have to be purchased.

A deposit of £45 is required before October the 16th to confirm your entry. Teams that are provisionally booked will lose there manufacturer unless deposit has been paid by this date.

Cheques payable to Pendle Scalextric Club please.


Gary Skipp
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I'm really looking forward to this event, it's very exciting to see oXigen and digital racing in general expanding. Endurance racing really has a home with digital and the BOM format will provide a interesting twist! It'll also expose people to how straightforward it can be to customise a standard model so that it'll work with an o2 chip

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We are hoping to field 10 teams for this event, so we currently have a couple of spaces available. If you're interested in putting a team together drop either myself or Nick a pm. Our aim is to run 10 teams & 10 different manufacturers, Ninco, Scalextric, Mr Slot Car, Carrera, MB Slot, Fly etc are still up for grabs with some incentives of help from manufactures / distributors regarding supply of parts etc. to help keep set up costs to a minimum.

As part of the entry fee each team will be supplied with an Oxigen digital chip, hand controllers will also be supplied for each team to use free of charge.

To be part of this event, you need a team of at least 3 drivers / 6 hour stint. Teams of 6 drivers with 3 driving saturday & 3 sunday are also possible. We are totally flexible with the number of drivers so long as the minimum is maintained.

This is the ideal opportunity to gain experience of competing in an Oxigen event and gaining some usefull knowledge before the main 24hr LeMans event in March.

If you have any questions regarding this event or the technicalities of Oxigen please post here, myself, Nick, Gary & Maurizio will be happy to help.


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Confirmed Teams

Team 1 Slotting Plus -
Team 2 Ninco -
Team 4 Slot It - Moseley
Team 5 SCX -
Team 6 NSR - Wolves
Team 7 Scaleauto - Pendle Slot Racing Club Team 1
Team 8 Avant Slot - North Staffs
Team 9 Arrow Slot - Pendle Slot Racing Club Team 2
Team 10 MB Slot -
Team 11 Racer Sideways - Gary Skipp
Team 12 Scalextric -

Any one still wishing to enter a team may do so. Please contact Pendle Slot Racing or send me a Pm.

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Hi guys. Really sorry but we are going to have to decline this event. We have been struggling for numbers and a few of us are juggling other commitments, so we have taken the hard decision not to enter.

I hope this doesn't cause any inconvenience.


Jim and the Gainsboro team.

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QUOTE (jimk04 @ 21 Oct 2012, 21:00) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi guys. Really sorry but we are going to have to decline this event. We have been struggling for numbers and a few of us are juggling other commitments, so we have taken the hard decision not to enter.

I hope this doesn't cause any inconvenience.


Jim and the Gainsboro team.

No problem Jim and all the team !

We were already happy you represent us in a previous race

Seem a very friendly club and hope you will grow

Kind regards

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Thanks for the kind comment Jacques, we really did want to race with your products again, and would have been proud to, but this time was not meant to be unfortunately.

Maybe next year!


Gainsboro Team

Gary Skipp
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Less than two weeks to go!

Why not put those winter blues to bed and come and experience some REAL racing using oXIgen! I guarantee that anyone who enjoys endurance-type racing will have their slot world revolutionised by taking part in this competition.

Gone are the days of swapping lanes at regular intervals!
Gone are the days of extra time caused by segmented racing! Race for the time, count the laps! Easy.
Gone are the days of lane stickers! So FINALLY you can race models that actually look like PROPER racing cars

Gone are the days of being marshalled on the wrong lane! You would not believe how easy it is to marshal a turn now.

Ever wondered what it's like to race through traffic?
Ever wondered what it's like to make a REAL pitstop rather than stopping at a random place on the track?
Ever wanted to race where the best team wins rather than the outright fastest car? Speed is nothing when the other traffic controls your pace! Preserve your car and negotiate your way efficiently past other cars to get the result you want
And if the car behind you IS faster.. you can always block him!

I can only assume some people are too scared of a real racing challenge
It's okay though, you can stay in your own lane with your coloured sticky tape and the lap-record monster will tuck you in at night-time

Even if you're just curious, come and have a look. Digital racing is good enough to watch.

I would just like to point out that racing in lanes is just as REAL and at least you avoid ramming a slower car up the arse and getting a penalty and also avoid collisions during lane-changing.
That said, i will be present at Pendle and i am looking forward to it.

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You are both equally correct.
You are both , of course, talking about completly different /Sports/Hobbies/Pastimes...choose you own preferred title for your Slot Car interest.
Other than the slot, and track...we might as well try to compare R/C racing with either form of 'Slot Racing'.
Not one better than the other...just different...very different!
To Nic and the Pendle crewe, I hope the event is a great success.
Cheers Bill.

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Think its fair to say Gary clearly has some strong opinions on what he considers "real" racing!

I thoroughly enjoyed his event this year and look forward to it next, racing on the Le Mans replica with the Oxigen system. Unfortunately I cant make Pendle's event though I am sure it will be equally as successful. I will be supporting team Pendle from afar.

In terms of other racing, there is nothing wrong with going for fast laps, after all the fastest two cars were 1st and 2nd in Henley last year, and there is nothing wrong with "same lane, stickers on cars even though real cars don't have stickers on" racing. Real cars don't have braide and aren't serviced upside down, and real tracks don't have giant men standing around putting cars back on.

I personally prefer "analogue" for sprint individual racing. However, I said after the event in Henley and stand by it now, that I see and would like to see, endurance racing going digital for some of the reasons Gary mentioned. It was a huge success and well done to Gary for getting it going. There are different digital systems out there, but like Gary says having to negotiate round traffic adds an extra challenge. With it comes frustrations at cars either brake testing, blocking, or ramming! But it all adds to the fun. Each to their own in terms of type of racing, but theres certainly no need to have a turf war over it.

Hopefully those who turn their nose up at digital racing, like in all honesty I did before Henley, will go into this event open minded and give it a real go, and then potentially enter Gary's event if there are spaces.

Enjoy, o'wite!
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