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Pendle Track Questions

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Hi All... Please welcome a n00b to the forum.

My questions concern the tack at pendle (the 115' one) specifically for the upcoming Porsche-slot-tech-pendle-challenge-thingie-race

My questions are:

1. Turns 4 and 9 look like between 160 and 135 degrees, can anyone give me the actual figures? I don't need them to be precice, but I'm doing a sort of 'mini report' on the track and these 'facts' are needed to complete it

2. Anyone got pics of those turns (T4 & T9)? URL please! I've got all the other ones but can't get 'good' pictures of those ones...

3. What are the current best lap times for each lane in this category? Anyone know? I'm guessing between 6 and 7 seconds (based on 115' and 9 turns in roughly 3 clusters).

4. More an open question. What tyres will everyone be using this year? s02's or something else
. As I've never seens/felt or raced on this track I have no idea what the grip's like...

Anyway... thanks in advance! Hope I'm not being too cheeky by asking all this...
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hope this helps ,
lap times want to be in the mid to high 7s consistantly if you want to figure
surface is gloss polyurathane and the grip level can be high if you understand tyre treatments ,
You dont need a black guide as the lap counters are operated by light bridge yo are getting confuse by the problems at preston
Tyre choice is up to you proslot /cartrix and slotit all give good results but ulimatly its down to your set up I ran p2 s on tuesday and found too much grip ,
contact sean at pendle slot and he can email the regs to you he might acualy remember what degree we cut the 2 bends to as well

power supply is from a truck battery with a constant charge gives about 13.8-14v constant with as many amps as you need .
1/24th flexy cars do about 5 secs straps about 4.5 but we dont run them any more so youve a bit more time to think .
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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