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Pendle Truspeeds

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Hi all, i have owned a 2 button trupeed now for over 12 months and had nothing but praise for the controller on how reliable it is and now that we have a club racing a few of the guys wanted ones too so about 2 months ago i went on Pendles website to buy some but they had nothing left in stock by the website, so i then fired off an email asking when they will be in stock again, within 24 hours i got a reply back saying that they were now back in stock so i then went and ordered 2 of them, a week later they arrived by post, and then when the next racemeet came around i gave them to the guys who paid for them and when they went to use them they just dont work which i found weird as even though we have changed from PB Pro to the new Advanced Powerbase the 2 older Trupeeds and the Parma converted 1 button Trupeeds i have work fine in both powerbases, so i went and dragged out the PB Pro and a stock 1.2ver 6 car powerbase aswell and the new conrollers dont work in any of the 3 powerbases which leads me to think that they are faulty, but the part that is starting to really annoy me is the fact that i have sent them around 8 emails since then trying to sort out the problem but out of all those emails they replied once asking was i using the new powerbase, which imo should not make a difference as they are a resistance controller so they should work fine on the new APB but it seems funny that they were quick to reply when i wanted to buy the controllers but now that there is something wrong with them they dont seem to be interested ( not real good customer service imo ), which is a shame as up until now i had nothing but praise for their controllers. I have not wanted to touch them as i didnt want to void any warrranty but now i am getting to the point where i am thinking that i have no option but to try and repair them myself, but i would like to know if anyone else on this forum is or had the same problem as me as i would like to fix them since Pendle doesnt seem interested

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Good you got them sorted out but not good that you had very little help from Pendle, I've heard lots of good reports about them so find it odd that they have let you down. If you buy faulty goods it should be sorted out by the guys you bought them from, you shouldn't have to resort to a DIY repair.

No doubt there'll be an explaination as to why you got such poor customer service but I assume you'll now be spending your money elsewhere?
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