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People's thoughts on 2013 racing at The Falcon Raceway

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Hi all of you Falcon raceway racers,

Thought I would start this thread so you can voice your opinions of the car classes and race formats or anything else for that matter that you would like considered for next year at the club.

So over to you guys

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If you have the O2 cars set up in SSD mode (so that you don't have to replace lane change electronics, but add the magnets for lap counting, then you COULD use SSD cars for pace cars, and the oXigen cars for the racers. That would at least save money on that idea.
You'd need to wait for the b-chip, though, which will have built-in bridge rectifiers so that they can run on SSD powered track rather than straight DC powered track.
I'll be picking up an oXigen controller cart and a b-type chip when they are available, but I'm not expecting my club to want to change from SSD any time soon.
No vote here, but I can't shut up sometimes, so what the heck. ;-)
I LOVE variety in slot car classes. Although I can see that your current classes have a good variety, some are quite similar in performance.
I think if you're going to add a class, you should give some consideration to a classics or Group C class. The Racer Sideways DP cars are pretty much the same as Group C (performance wise), so a sale on those is a great way to start. Classics, being sidewinder, are also great performers and a lot of fun, while still different from their inline types, and other brands.
Adding another Scalextric type would be kind of silly, IMHO.
Take that for what it's worth... ;-)
Don't get me wrong, I love Scalextric cars. Most of my sets are Scaleys.
Also, I completely agree that it's best to have close racing. As I've said many times, it's better to lose by an inch than to win by a mile. Having a class that all the cars are as close running as possible is best, or what ends up happening is people who can afford to will keep buying cars until they get a great runner, and people who can't just stick it out with what they have, or quit because of what feels like unfair racing.
And yeah, the will be faster than the Riley with a Scaley motor in it. It's got an extra 3k of motor. ;-) Stick a Scaley motor in the, or a orange motor in the Riley, and they'll be much closer. Tires matter a lot, too, and even stock tires differ between earlier and more recent releases of cars.

I look forward to seeing your club cars and reading about your racing. DRAWW is getting ready to start a new series as well, and we're looking into changing things up a bit with how our races are run.
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QUOTE (Michael363672 @ 23 Sep 2012, 08:28) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Oh no how wrong.

both has silicones on and the scalextric powered car ripped the ass off the one by over 4 10ths of a second on our oval

Haha. Should have guessed. I suspect the faster motor of the was too much for the relatively short track. I wonder if turning the power down on the would result in better control and faster lap times. Also, some tuning with the body and pod screws might help.

Anyway, I stand by the suggestion of a type series would be a good idea.
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Good idea.
I forgot to clarify that I didn't think replacing the motor was a bad idea. It's a good one, if only because then stock SSD chips can be used.

In any case, I'll shush now and let you guys get on with it. I'm looking forward to reading about how your races go.
Pics and video, please! No fancy editing needed.
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