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People's thoughts on 2013 racing at The Falcon Raceway

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Hi all of you Falcon raceway racers,

Thought I would start this thread so you can voice your opinions of the car classes and race formats or anything else for that matter that you would like considered for next year at the club.

So over to you guys

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Hi mr moddifier
Hopefully something we can arrange in the future.
It can be difficult trying to get everyone together at the same time though.
We currently have 8 regular members.
Hi also keith
Anything we can help you with just let us know.
If you look at our falcon raceway club section there is plenty of info about this club.
The main aim of this club is close equal racing which is easier to achieve with digital racing.
I actualy started building the track as an anulogue slot stox track.
I converted it to digital after speaking with michael.
Regards lee
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Hi all
So I have put next years racing to every 2 weeks as a few people have mentioned this.
I agree with the championship to.
I have 4 trophies this year for the club class cars.
I think if we just have a 1st place trophy we can have a championship for all classes.
I have also left a tba for an additional class of car this year so we can either vote in one class or run a different class each time.
I have also spoken to michael about the racer sideways daytona prototypes which I would also be in favour of.
It would be good to have one car with precision parts etc.
Also something I am planning on introducing soon is slot it oxygen.
This runs with our existing set up.
This would give us the chance on events to run 26 cars or 20 on oxygen and as many pace cars as the power can handle.
This would require us all having our own controllers though.
Regards Lee
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I allready have a slot it controller that you can have alook at on thursday steve.
I will get oxygen up and running so everyone can see it in operation before we start investing.
The only track mods are a dongle on the computor £55 and inserting magnets in the track at the pit in and out and the start finish.
As michael says more for one off event as ssdc is more than adequate for what we need at the moment on club nights.
I would vote for the ninco dtm s.
I had one of these and they are ok.
Do you have a variety of these michael?
I like to think of it as the workshop/club room.
Good to hear you are enjoying the racing Anthony.
I am also up for using the existing club cars but I would they are NASCARS.
Remember what ever club funds are directed at means less for something else.
Maybe it is more important we I meen I build more track sections.
More tracks than classes thats different hey.
Or towards more sessions at the hall.
Actually I agree with George even if I am the one that complains about no grip.
I think we should persist with these tyres for now.
I would also sugest that we run the gt cars on a seperate night on say lap limited races.
Also I did sugest before about evening things up even thurther we could limit the power to the front runners or reduce their range on fuel.
This would bring the back markers up even closser.
As for reduced racing take last thursdays racing we all had 50 minutes of racing track time.
Even on hall nights we get this amount of race time.
If we get more members this would reduce.
Most other clubs only get around 20 minutes.
At the moment I have drawn up a callender for next year.
I have allowed 4 american muscle (oval)
4 scx nascars (oval)
8 scalextric (nascar championship) (oval)
5 lmp/gt (hall)
5 tba (hall)
Lastly Julie(my wife) has offered to take over cakes etc.
This meens you will get home baked on most occasions but it would meen an extra £1 into another kitty.
I think still great value at £6 a night.
Also this would be a flat rate and not increase on hall nights.
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QUOTE (GeorgeM @ 21 Sep 2012, 19:04) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi all,

I'd prefer to keep all the classes we have. Having bought cars, it would be a shame to not use them.....

If we add a class or two, how about classic British touring cars ('60's) ? Good choice & mix of cars !
A second club class using Michael's cars as discussed last night would be good too.

I'm not fussed about format, length of races etc., some sprint, some endurance is good.
If we can find a practical way of racing in the way the cars we are using did, that would be even better !
How about an Indy 500 ?

just my 2p worth, but hope it helps

Indy 500 actually this may happen.
I have started a couple of new straight sections one with 3 changers.
The next sections will be 4 x 1200 radious, 90 degree turns 2 with curved changers which will form an indy style track
around 90 feet
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After looking at the first draft of next years race scheduale I think the scx nascars are a bit light.
WE also need to start allowing for a break as it all seems a bit rushed to me and then gets later and later.
I still think we could run American muscle 4 times and add another class onto this.
Maybe we could use one of the later tba s at the hall for the indy circuit once finished and run the scx nascars on it.
One also could be used for v8 supercars as I have a set of these we can use occasionally.
Lastly after the weekend fund raiser the club funds are in dept to me once again.
I didn't expect this event to break even but it means there are no funds for car parts etc for more club cars.
So if this is agreed that we run another club class we will have to look at how it is funded.
Regards Lee
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Every 2 weeks on a thursday lee from 3/1/13.
As Michael says I didn't expect this event to break even.
As it was the first I realised that it never could.
We only managed to get all the racing done in the time with 10 for the first event and 9 for the second.
We how ever did get a fare bit of interest and a feature in the echo to come.
The money will be recouped but will take a bit more than a couple of race meets.
Probably around January.
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QUOTE (LeeH @ 30 Sep 2012, 20:08) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>An even bigger oval for another NASCAR race in morning and a V8 Supercars race in afternoon?
Yes Lee it will be something along this line.
I will not be running classes of cars that other clubs run in the local area.
I aim to offer something a bit different.
Ok so I have set out a race schedual for next year.
Until we can all agree on any additional classes of cars I have put in four hall dates using classes of cars we already run.
These will be scx nascar on the new indy circuit,Gt cars run as lap limited races,Lmp run as lap limited and club nascars run as endurance.
One of the dates falls on febuary 14th so will have to be moved.
This is lmp/gt at the hall.
Would you prefer to do this on the wednesday or the friday ?
Another idea for a new class is the spirit peugeot 406 silhouette.
This car has been deleted from gt raceway this year so michael,george,gary,graeme and I all have one.
These are available still at pendles for £25.
They are completely different from the other cars we run as they are anglewinder set up with suspention.
They would require a different motor,adaptor and rear tyres.
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