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People's thoughts on 2013 racing at The Falcon Raceway

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Hi all of you Falcon raceway racers,

Thought I would start this thread so you can voice your opinions of the car classes and race formats or anything else for that matter that you would like considered for next year at the club.

So over to you guys

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Do you guys fancy a weekend in Wales at some point in 2013 for an inter-club challenge?

The Pantyffynnon Slot Car Club is a digital club running more of a street circuit than you guys race.

We are about 250 miles apart but nothing a minibus can't handle!

One race meet in Carmarthenshire and one race meet in Essex. What do you think?

Classes could be an issue if we want to run our own cars but I am sure we could reach an agreement. The fall back is that you have some club cars and so do we - a Transit grand prix anyone?!?
1 - 1 of 74 Posts
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