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People's thoughts on 2013 racing at The Falcon Raceway

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Hi all of you Falcon raceway racers,

Thought I would start this thread so you can voice your opinions of the car classes and race formats or anything else for that matter that you would like considered for next year at the club.

So over to you guys

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Morning Michael 363672 in sunny Essex ( blimey where's that can't be the Essex i live in ) being a veteran literaly slot racer from the 1960's have never done digital only recently found out what a computers for!!!i was wondering what's it all about obviously i know it's around but i must find out some more details as your set up looks interesting as i was a member of the Wellgate slot stox club in the early 1990's and it was good fun on an oval, Mr Modifier morning to you also i was hoping to visit your part of the country next year for a holiday and to visit Oakley club while i was down that way, perhaps while in the area so to speak it might be possible to visit the Panty's club oops !!! sorry smudge on the screen the Pantyffynon Slot Car Club mind you the former rings a bell but i think it was in Soho on a stag night many years ago, now where did i put my glasses Keith.
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1 - 1 of 74 Posts
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