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People's thoughts on 2013 racing at The Falcon Raceway

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Hi all of you Falcon raceway racers,

Thought I would start this thread so you can voice your opinions of the car classes and race formats or anything else for that matter that you would like considered for next year at the club.

So over to you guys

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I will wait for the others to add their thoughts before I put mine.

Re the Sidways Prototype, they are basically a car Steve, all I have done is remover the motor and change it for a Standard scalextric one
and you see how fast it is, the gear ratio is changed and the car has a little tuning to get the best handling silicones on the rears and that's basically it, also it has a F1 scalextric chip in it, my group c car is all including the chip and it is slower

Re oxygen the controller is the only one that works and you then need an oxygen cartridge to make it talk you the car the only draw back of this is it is about £135 worth at the moment as they are on special and the car chips are £35 each.
Whilst oxygen is good for running more cars I would think at this moment in time it is more for a day event situation.

Putting it onto the track does not cost a lot as we have PCLapcounter already (well I do
) but the cost come in the controller cartridge and chips.

When Lee says precision he means anything but Ninco lol.

Does anyone have any thoughts on race formats

So far we run out and out endurance on the LeMans class
Lap limited heats in NASCAR Championship
And laps in SCX NASCARS,

Now as we don't have quiet enough time for 2 complet run thrus in each ID I was thinking of a 2 or 3 segment race
So we race our own cars but in only 2 or 3 id's for a time limited race getting a total of laps completed
Thus giving us more track time and the short sprint races that we have tried that just turn into a crash fest

Anyone any other thoughts

Also as previously mentioned I have several sets of UN CHIPPED cars that I am willing to race if we get some club chips and I do my incar Easy plug conversion
What do we think to that?

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Ninco Megan's
Ninco Mosler's
Ninco DTM's Group C

Scalextric 997's well 5 of these but these are DPR
Scalextric Porsche Boxsters

Are the ones I can think off of the top of my head lol
I know whilst Oxigen is nice with the ability to run more cars, it is also very expensive.
For what the scalextric bits cost it does do a great job, yes it is limited to 6 cars but then again there are only 8 regulars at the moment so it works well.

I think we need to think very carefully about changes for next year as what we are doing this year is pretty good as it is.

Re the cars Steve what I was hiking with them is they would all be the same and then assigned lane colours for the night
So any differences would even out making it a level playing field again
Apart from the 977's I have 6 of each
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Lee - yes that is the track mods but the cost is each car even a pace car needs a controller and cartridge
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As that is the way it senses to cars the chip has a bit that sits on the side of the cars chassis

Look on pendals website it's the first chip in the Oxigen section

See black part on the leads

Bloody iPad won't let me upload image to sf and sf won't let me link to it
Anyone want to swap an iPad 3 for the Samsung note 10.1?
Lee H we are now running fortnightly so we are running This Thursday with SCX NASCARS
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I've been trying to think up a handicapping system for a race that we could use,

Anyone else, Gary, George?
Ok on Lee's thought of adding Oxigen to the track.

This is not so much for us to run but fact that it can be added to allow it to be run on our track for only the cost of a dongle and some magnets
The main cost is then down to the controller and chips etc

I think that he is looking that Oxigen cor some reson get looked at more seroiusly that ssdc

Maybe in the future allowing the holder of a big event

So in short dont worry the club will be remaining true to close cheap racing and CAKES

Is anyone in favour of a Club car GT Track. championship or dont forget we do not have to add more classes

or how about an open wheel class?
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Basically like we do on the Oval

Colour coded cars possibly but we move car stays in lane just like we do on oval etc

Maybe on a shorter distance so could run 2 classes that night.

1 thing I think we need to work on is getting thru the races quicker to run 2 classes some nights or maybe a longer time in endurance or even 2 heats of endurance?

Hi Anthony,

Still can't find memory stick

Will get files on Thursday and post up your great last race win

I have setup GMail calendar please all send me you GMail email address and I will add you all

A club GT Track would be a good idear

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One thing I would like to see is a permanent honours board in the club room ( read garage )

With the class at the top then each time a plaque for the championship class winner

Shouldn't cost too much and would give a running history of the club

What you recon?
But the main points,

Cake or donuts

Sausage rolls?
I like the oval it gives some amazingly close races

More sections on GTtrack would be good as long as we have some lane changers in them

Will it go into different track layouts then ?

I would say how about dropping muscle cars ?
How do we feel about race formats?

The only downside of the Hall is the reduced running time that we get

And the fact that as it costs for the hall no monies get to go into club funds

Now if we could get at least TWO more on a regular basis it would be more viable I feel

As a thought how many classes would people like to have?
2nd in one race tonight Martin that was good beating me into 3rd in that race

We have 3 classes that we use own cars, with one class having 2 cars

So is it 1 out for 1 in?

Or stay with our 4?

LMP class
GT class
Muscle car class
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Steve - you are correct the short sprint races just don't work in Digital
It is just a crash fest every time

The longer endurance races work the best, but this means that we can't run 2 classes in a race night

So some simple maths

If we start nexts year Calender on the first Thursday of the new year we get 26 race nights up until the 19th of Dec

Currently we have 4 classes to fit in, as we are adding the other club cars class, this would make it 5 next year.

So if things stayed the same we would race our cars 5 times in the year

This is if we carry on only racing one class per night

As I think Lee had down for 6 NASCAR championship rounds

LeMans night is a whole night event plus we need the hall so extra cost - to work best we would need 3/4 more racers for this night to be self funding

SCX NASCARS personally I like this class, lots of different liverys to be had and pretty close racing

One mod we could do is to replace the SCX rear wheels with slot.its thus alowing us to run silicones very easily
This would also remove the need for any tyre prep in this class and once again even the playing field
Cost would only be in the region of £7.50 per car as the wheels slip straight on

American Muscle personally this is a difficult class, as I can see there are lots of cars to choose from but only one or two will be any good
There is no way that the Pioneer motor is the same as the scalextric one

Also the race format did just not work at all, was a stock car race night

So this gives us 5 classes to fit in, personally this is enough for just meeting every 2nd week

Now if we ran more often ............

So Race Formats

I don't know if you all know or are even aware that in SSDC I can vary the fuel usage, the fuel tank size, the rate at which you refuel and also the power loss from an empty tank to a full tank.

NASCAR Championship is a 100 lap race with current numbers this does leave a little spare time at end of evening as a race takes about 8 minuets in this class and with no need to ID cars etc it moves along nicely so each heat is completed and swapped over in 10 minuets so we are done in under an hour and a half

This leaves us with possibility of a class on the end. I would say let's have the muscle cars here. Race format could be
A 40 lap race but with fuel, but very minimal power loss for a full tank but a tank Flat out would only do 25 laps maximum
Thus if you drive carefully you could stretch that to race distance or do you stop? But let's slow down the refuelling so you loose a few laps? Will your speed gain be enough?

LeMans LMP & GT class runs well just need to be more organised with car IDing and car choice

SCX NASCARS runs well as a timed endurance
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Hey Mr F you are always welcome here

We was running a group c car the other night along with a sideway car, the sideways had a standard scalextric motor and chip but the group c was all stuff, Guess which was the fastest

Personally the scalextric car are much maligned IMHO because we run on a FLAT Track they work very nicely

Also I use the settings SSDC to vary how they run, but for me the fun is in the racing and the strategy

Not too bothered about lots of different cars as this can cause problems with one type of car in a class being very different to another in terms of performance as we saw last time out in the Muscle cars.

The main aim of the club is to get Close Competitive Racing with minimal cost,

Mr F also look out in a bit as I will post some picks of our ( my ) new club car class

Is 8 Club Car NASCARS too many ?

We could do a Porsche super cup race as we have these at our disposal as well or a GT only race

How about one weekend or even a bank holiday a Team Endurance Event using the Sideways Daytona Prototypes

Select team captains from Championship Standings (so me and Lee can't be in same team for example)

Entry Fee includes cost for car to be used etc. might make for a fun event?
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