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People's thoughts on 2013 racing at The Falcon Raceway

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Hi all of you Falcon raceway racers,

Thought I would start this thread so you can voice your opinions of the car classes and race formats or anything else for that matter that you would like considered for next year at the club.

So over to you guys

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Is the ability to run more cars needed? At the moment if we run in the hall we can run 6 drivers, could probably do with 4 marshals and 1 race controller so that is 11 add a couple making the tea and putting the cakes on the doilies and licking their tyres in prep for the next race(or just because they like the taste).

I'm always up for the excuse to buy another car, because in order to get free postage it usually means buying 2.

I think Ninco 1 with ear defenders would be a good class, either that or we set a dB limit and part of the setup is to get it below that level:)

How about a fast race, 100 laps, 1 point for first down to 6 for sixth, no fuel. Should be able to get 2 rounds in on a night, total the points lowest number wins.

Or a handicap race, every six months. To set a handicap run two minutes, 1 car on the track and driver not able to see the lap counter, handicap is percentage of the laps behind, so if the best is 100 and someone does 95, 5 laps behind 100 which is 5%. Run the race, final positions dictated by handicap, based on the actual result recalculate the handicap, but only reduce it not increase it.
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I've been trying to think up a handicapping system for a race that we could use,

Anyone else, Gary, George?
Can we also get the calendar as a google calendar shared with us so we always have up to date info. I know George and I both use google calendars and I'm sure most of us have google mails set up for some nefarious project in the past and could resurrect it.
Ok on Lee's thought of adding Oxigen to the track.

This is not so much for us to run but fact that it can be added to allow it to be run on our track for only the cost of a dongle and some magnets
The main cost is then down to the controller and chips etc

I think that he is looking that Oxigen cor some reson get looked at more seroiusly that ssdc

Maybe in the future allowing the holder of a big event

So in short dont worry the club will be remaining true to close cheap racing and CAKES

Is anyone in favour of a Club car GT Track. championship or dont forget we do not have to add more classes

or how about an open wheel class?
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Like I said previously, I'm pretty much up for running anything, as long as this adds variety. Open wheels therefore would be good.

QUOTE Is anyone in favour of a Club car GT Track. championship

Not sure what you mean here. Are you talking about a club class to be run on the GT track, or a GT club class (ie with club GT cars, colour coded etc)?

If it's the former - then yes. This could be a touring car thing, or something similar. If you mean the latter then I'm not so sure. Would this replace the existing LMP/GT class?

Or have I totally got the wrong end of the stick?
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Basically like we do on the Oval

Colour coded cars possibly but we move car stays in lane just like we do on oval etc

Maybe on a shorter distance so could run 2 classes that night.

1 thing I think we need to work on is getting thru the races quicker to run 2 classes some nights or maybe a longer time in endurance or even 2 heats of endurance?

Evening all,

Lee, how about having a championship that runs on the GT track.

We could use the same cars as we use on the oval. I think that 2 seperate championships on the 2 different tracks would be fun. The only problem I can see is that 100 laps on the GT track would be a long race.

I would also like to say that i,m really enjoying the racing at the falcon raceway, so thank you to everyone for all there help and advice.

And lastly when are the results from the last championship round going to be posted? and the current league table.

Thank you.
Hi Anthony,

Still can't find memory stick

Will get files on Thursday and post up your great last race win

I have setup GMail calendar please all send me you GMail email address and I will add you all

A club GT Track would be a good idear

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One thing I would like to see is a permanent honours board in the club room ( read garage )

With the class at the top then each time a plaque for the championship class winner

Shouldn't cost too much and would give a running history of the club

What you recon?
But the main points,

Cake or donuts

Sausage rolls?
I like to think of it as the workshop/club room.
Good to hear you are enjoying the racing Anthony.
I am also up for using the existing club cars but I would they are NASCARS.
Remember what ever club funds are directed at means less for something else.
Maybe it is more important we I meen I build more track sections.
More tracks than classes thats different hey.
Or towards more sessions at the hall.
I like the oval it gives some amazingly close races

More sections on GTtrack would be good as long as we have some lane changers in them

Will it go into different track layouts then ?

I would say how about dropping muscle cars ?
QUOTE (lee thorndike @ 18 Sep 2012, 19:17) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Or towards more sessions at the hall.

I think if we grow much more, and especially as the weather gets colder, the current arrangement is going to be too cosy. Much more than 6 racing and 2 marshalls and we are going to be hanging from the rafters. Also the current flatulence issues mean industrial air conditioning will be required with the low roof. Of course that does bring the additional issue that it needs to be somewhere with suitable storage.

I like the idea of more car types and more track layouts, not too bothered about what because I think last week I managed to crash on a straight on my own, I think it was the excitement of being in front, or more likely because I was about to get lapped again.
How do we feel about race formats?

The only downside of the Hall is the reduced running time that we get

And the fact that as it costs for the hall no monies get to go into club funds

Now if we could get at least TWO more on a regular basis it would be more viable I feel

As a thought how many classes would people like to have?
We need a race format where I win, that would be good.

I think no more than 6 classes, otherwise the pit box needs to be too big
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2nd in one race tonight Martin that was good beating me into 3rd in that race

We have 3 classes that we use own cars, with one class having 2 cars

So is it 1 out for 1 in?

Or stay with our 4?

LMP class
GT class
Muscle car class
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Hi all,

I'd prefer to keep all the classes we have. Having bought cars, it would be a shame to not use them.....

If we add a class or two, how about classic British touring cars ('60's) ? Good choice & mix of cars !
A second club class using Michael's cars as discussed last night would be good too.

I'm not fussed about format, length of races etc., some sprint, some endurance is good.
If we can find a practical way of racing in the way the cars we are using did, that would be even better !
How about an Indy 500 ?

just my 2p worth, but hope it helps
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So, the consensus seems to be drifting towards adding more classes rather than losing one. I'm happy with that. Although I said earlier that I wasn't fussed if we dropped the Muscle Cars, we have only run these once so I suppose it's a bit harsh to drop them so quickly.

So, does adding two classes work? One club class and one with our own cars? The club class could be - as George suggests - run with Michael's cars if he's OK with that. The other class could be anything, I suppose. Lot's of suggestions out there so far. 60s touring cars sounds like another nice idea - and this pretty much covers everything from Mustangs to Minis. Not sure what other models there are out there which would be right for this though. Scalextric have done a Mark 1 Escort which would fit in this class. What else is there (apart from Mustangs and Minis)? I have a Revel Lotus Cortina, and this is probably the worst handling car I have. It doesn't so much crash at the corners, more like it just falls over onto its side!

What other cars did you have in mind, George?

I understand the reasons why we need to have the majority of the races on the oval rather than the GT track. How often do you think the GT track should be used? Does bi-monthly work? I suppose this would work out roughly as 1 in 4 races on the GT track. So, 6 times a year, plus any special events that you might organise. That sounds fair enough to me, but I'm not the one working out the finances!

As I've said before, I'm pretty open-minded about what we run. LMP/GT is by far my favourite class, but as long as we're running a variety of other classes I'm happy!

Pretty easy when it comes to race formats too. I don't have any ideas or suggestions for this, but again, I suppose variety is the spice of life. One thing which has become clear during my brief racing career is that short sprint races seem to just end up as a crash fest!
Everything else we've tried seems to work pretty well.

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Hi Steve, google 'British Saloon Car Championship'. My thoughts were for anything that raced from 1958-1971.
Lots to choose from !!
If we fitted a standard Scaly motor & silicones, the rest could be left open !!
A chance to play with an 'open' class ??
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