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People's thoughts on 2013 racing at The Falcon Raceway

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Hi all of you Falcon raceway racers,

Thought I would start this thread so you can voice your opinions of the car classes and race formats or anything else for that matter that you would like considered for next year at the club.

So over to you guys

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QUOTE (fw14b @ 30 Sep 2012, 16:55) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I notice Mr 363672 made no comment

Comment for what ?

He knew the event would cost him money long before it went ahead

Lee was hoping to at best break even on the day from what I understand talking to him about it.

The GOAL was more of a long term one.

He will get it back over the next few club nights, slowly but surely
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The joys of club owners
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So what nights the race dates going to be for 2013 each month? Hopefully not 2nd and 4th Thursdays of month or 1st Wednesdays of months as hope to run full NASCAR championships.
Every 2 weeks on a thursday lee from 3/1/13.
As Michael says I didn't expect this event to break even.
As it was the first I realised that it never could.
We only managed to get all the racing done in the time with 10 for the first event and 9 for the second.
We how ever did get a fare bit of interest and a feature in the echo to come.
The money will be recouped but will take a bit more than a couple of race meets.
Probably around January.
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An even bigger oval for another NASCAR race in morning and a V8 Supercars race in afternoon?
It was a lot of racing though Lee

5476 laps on the oval

3161 laps on the GT Track

So that's 8637 laps in total not including practice sessions

And a track rebuild half way thru

Not V8's they were shocking before
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QUOTE (GeorgeM @ 30 Sep 2012, 20:43) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>How about American Muscle ??


That is such a bad idear

Anyway it will be a while before the club can afford it
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QUOTE (LeeH @ 30 Sep 2012, 20:08) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>An even bigger oval for another NASCAR race in morning and a V8 Supercars race in afternoon?
Yes Lee it will be something along this line.
I will not be running classes of cars that other clubs run in the local area.
I aim to offer something a bit different.
I recon the oval is big enough at the moment

The one thing that would improve the track is a longer pit lane

Or a tri oval could be good also

The one thing you have to remember with digital is if the track is too long then the car to car racing is reduced
As theynwouldmbe more spread out

Unless you went Oxigen but then that is a lot of money to run a car on it
Ok so I have set out a race schedual for next year.
Until we can all agree on any additional classes of cars I have put in four hall dates using classes of cars we already run.
These will be scx nascar on the new indy circuit,Gt cars run as lap limited races,Lmp run as lap limited and club nascars run as endurance.
One of the dates falls on febuary 14th so will have to be moved.
This is lmp/gt at the hall.
Would you prefer to do this on the wednesday or the friday ?
Another idea for a new class is the spirit peugeot 406 silhouette.
This car has been deleted from gt raceway this year so michael,george,gary,graeme and I all have one.
These are available still at pendles for £25.
They are completely different from the other cars we run as they are anglewinder set up with suspention.
They would require a different motor,adaptor and rear tyres.
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