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Perfect Day

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Her indoors was out for the day and I could indulge myself so after watching the Isle of Man TT review on Eurosport (extremely scary) I spent a wonderful hot and sunny Saturday morning out in the Morris Minor and pottering around second hand bookshops where I picked up the Anthony Pritchard "Maserati - A Racing Hisory" and a couple of other good motor racing reference books. I can see a scratchbuilt Streamlined Maserati 250F as a future project.

I then dozed through the F1 qualifying session on TV and woke refreshed for an hour or so in the model room soldering up an F1 chassis.

I put together the chassis while listening to my choice of music as well as browsing through magazines and books for other ideas for future slot cars.

I finished off the afternoon with half an hour driving a few slot cars in the summerhouse and a glass of something nice and cold in the garden.

What a perfect day and a very selfish one!

Here's the chassis.

What is your idea of a perfect day?

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Yes, David that's looking a bit too good for a man who purports only to have a junior hacksaw and Black & Decker workmate for his chassis making!

Absolutely awesome stuff - I'm going to nick... er... um... I mean be inspired by that design right away
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David, I know it's mid-summer but what happened to that wonderful knit-wear we last saw you wearing? Thank goodness mrs h. is currently away touring as Maria Sharapova look-a-like with the WTA. Otherwise, I shudder to think what the poor woman would be thinking right now!

And, thanks for showing the Cooper pic - that's one georgeous car! My own T81 (based on the Jo Bonnier car at Donington) has temporarily been sidelined due to another project

...although work will be resuming shortly I hope!

QUOTE No one has said what their idea of a perfect day is!?
Family forum David
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I'd be tempted to go with Alan's suggestion and build the 33 with a mini-motor. It is a 1.5 litre car after all!

You could then open up the rest of the cockpit and get a lot more Jim in

It wouldn't make the best use of that lovely rear bracket though so maybe a new shell for this one and a new chassis for the 33 as you were (sort of) thinking
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Goodness! Impressive keeping that little lot all in the right place while you soldered it up. Any tips gratefully received David
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Thanks for the explanation David - sounds straightforward enough
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...don't know about lay-bys but I saw him park it in a marshal's post at Brands once!

Lovely David - best yet I reckon
Are you planning to enter this in the proxy?
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Yup - happened right in front of me David!

Marmite butties? Lunch box? How about using one of those MotoGP motors as recommended by Mop... er um I mean Alan next time - Jimmy should be able to pack a complete picnic basket!
QUOTE can you imagine the spectacle of all those F-1s together?
David doesn't have to imagine it - he's got most of the grid right there in front of him!
QUOTE Southend... the seafront could have been the South of France, the farmland could have been the countryside around Reims and I was overtaken by a metallic bronze Ferrari 550, the only one I've ever seen on the road.
I'll have to get howmet to send me some of that home-brew poteen too. Sounds like good stuff!

That cockpit looks nice and roomy David - much more suitable for dining I'd say. Don't forget to include a McDonald's in your pit-lane - I'm sure Jimmy will have time to pick up a few Drive-thru's on his way to victory!
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