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Perfect Day

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Her indoors was out for the day and I could indulge myself so after watching the Isle of Man TT review on Eurosport (extremely scary) I spent a wonderful hot and sunny Saturday morning out in the Morris Minor and pottering around second hand bookshops where I picked up the Anthony Pritchard "Maserati - A Racing Hisory" and a couple of other good motor racing reference books. I can see a scratchbuilt Streamlined Maserati 250F as a future project.

I then dozed through the F1 qualifying session on TV and woke refreshed for an hour or so in the model room soldering up an F1 chassis.

I put together the chassis while listening to my choice of music as well as browsing through magazines and books for other ideas for future slot cars.

I finished off the afternoon with half an hour driving a few slot cars in the summerhouse and a glass of something nice and cold in the garden.

What a perfect day and a very selfish one!

Here's the chassis.

What is your idea of a perfect day?

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"I can see a scratchbuilt Streamlined Maserati 250F as a future project."

Oohh, the mention of streamliners sets my heart thumping. Do the references you cite have detailed plans or specs? As I think I posted awhile back, I once made a 250 streamer for a Marconi Proxy race. Unfortunately, I used a product called Balsa-Foam that tried my soul in the building process, and did not survive the race intact (although the car finished 2nd overall minus its nose and a decapitated Jean Behra). I still plan to reassemble the pieces and cast a resin version some day - project #37 on the list. I would love to see someone else's take on the subject.

Looks like Jimmy needs to do some serious training - build up those biceps and trim those abs. Seriously, why don't you switch to a NC-2 type motor that doesn't have the brush assembly in the way?

Great idea for the suspension David, and beautifully executed. About motors, I don't think an NC-2 would be so over-powering. The chassis is all brass, right?, so is relatively heavy, plus you could always add a bit more ballast if need be. And, judging from my Ninco Healey, it would have incredible brakes. Of course, my perspective may be somewhat Americentric -- hot rods in the blood you know.

1 - 3 of 81 Posts
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