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Perfect Day

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Her indoors was out for the day and I could indulge myself so after watching the Isle of Man TT review on Eurosport (extremely scary) I spent a wonderful hot and sunny Saturday morning out in the Morris Minor and pottering around second hand bookshops where I picked up the Anthony Pritchard "Maserati - A Racing Hisory" and a couple of other good motor racing reference books. I can see a scratchbuilt Streamlined Maserati 250F as a future project.

I then dozed through the F1 qualifying session on TV and woke refreshed for an hour or so in the model room soldering up an F1 chassis.

I put together the chassis while listening to my choice of music as well as browsing through magazines and books for other ideas for future slot cars.

I finished off the afternoon with half an hour driving a few slot cars in the summerhouse and a glass of something nice and cold in the garden.

What a perfect day and a very selfish one!

Here's the chassis.

What is your idea of a perfect day?

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You spent an afternoon building something that looks ten times better than what I spent of couple of days cobbling together. Maybe I should take up basket weaving.

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I'm not sure if I've ever had a perfect day or not. I'm one of those people that's hypercritical of themselves. I'm trying to relax my personal standards a bit so the negativity doesn't shine through as brightly

Yesterday was a very good day for me. My F1 parts order came in from Pattos and the body is considerably larger than I was expecting. It actually fit both chassis that I had prebuilt. The wheels aren't perfect in their dimensions but the final tire size is on the money
I'm just having a little bit of trouble making the car narrow enough. From outside wheel edge to outside wheel edge it is 1-15/16" and it's supposed to be 1-7/8" but that is an improvement since it was initially 2" wide. The parts I used in combination with my newbie-ness are conspiring against me
I think it's close enough for my first attempt though and am quite pleased with it overall. I'll be sending this car to be raced for sure. I'm hoping the car finishes the race series and is recognizable as the F1 car it is supposed to represent
I know better than to expect it to rank very high anywhere but I am quite pleased to have the opportunity to toss my car in the ring with the works of art you guys produce.

As with everything I do, it is never quite right and the next one will definitely be better. Oddly enough, the next one really is always better than the last so yesterday counts as a very good day for me. Stuff worked as expected and I learned a bit more of what I need to do to improve my output. That is where the second chassis I mentioned comes in
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What if you flipped the motor upside down? Then at least the wires won't interfere with Mr Clarks arms. Or, as was mentioned earlier, a different motor. The FK-130 type motors have the wiring sticking straight out on the same line as the armature.
It just keeps getting better.

Let's see, where is that community college class list? Here it is...hmm, basket weaving is in here somewhere
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