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Perfect Day

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Her indoors was out for the day and I could indulge myself so after watching the Isle of Man TT review on Eurosport (extremely scary) I spent a wonderful hot and sunny Saturday morning out in the Morris Minor and pottering around second hand bookshops where I picked up the Anthony Pritchard "Maserati - A Racing Hisory" and a couple of other good motor racing reference books. I can see a scratchbuilt Streamlined Maserati 250F as a future project.

I then dozed through the F1 qualifying session on TV and woke refreshed for an hour or so in the model room soldering up an F1 chassis.

I put together the chassis while listening to my choice of music as well as browsing through magazines and books for other ideas for future slot cars.

I finished off the afternoon with half an hour driving a few slot cars in the summerhouse and a glass of something nice and cold in the garden.

What a perfect day and a very selfish one!

Here's the chassis.

What is your idea of a perfect day?

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QUOTE I've been an F1 fan since the early sixties and love the cars of that decade, I've bought motor racing books and photographed at circuits for 35 years and have a complete run from the end of the fifties through to the early eighties of Motorsport magazine so I've built up quite a reference.

I'm going to take that as a good explanation. I was actively involved in motorsports as a particpant and spectator in the 1950's. The cars of that era are very real to me - this probably explains my modelling preferences. The early 60's were, for me, the beginning of a 30 year "vacation" from motor sports when my interests turned toward competitive sailing so my direct experience is nil and my reference material scanty. A bit of nostalgia and pure luck brought me into contact with the local slot racing group in the mid-90's, co-incident, in fact, with the sale of my last boat which left me, for the first time since 1962, land-locked! Trying to come up to speed on what has happened in both the 1:1 and 1:32 worlds has been interesting, to say the least.

Incidentally, if it is true that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, you may commence to blush because, as part of the re-build of my Eagle, I am re-doing the front end as a copy of the one you have pictured above with a single piece forming both upper suspension arms.

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lovely work as usual David.The Lotus 33 is an interesting car for australian motor sport,Lotus brought the car out here for Clark to run in the Tasman series,67 I think,fitted with the 2.5 litre climax motor,after the series finished the local Lotus distributor and top local racer Leo Geoghegan bought the car and fitted a 2.5litre repco v8 to it,the same type of motor which brabham had fitted to his cars.

Geoghegan had fair success with the car,but later replaced that with a more successful and reliable lotus59waggott,2 litre dohc car which gave him his gold star win in 1972.

Just a bit of useless trivia I suppose,but the lotus33 you have done brings back all those sort of memories.

QUOTE I've just realised though that BWA don't do inserts for this car so I'll have to improvise.
Er,what type does it use.I have both the Wobbly Webs,and the Classic 4 spoke Lotus style mags.
Neither, the Lotus 33 cars used a six spoke wheel from 1964 onwards.

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The Tasman series was great in the 60s and most of the F1 teams used to spend the winter there. This excellent website gives loads of info.

QUOTE the Lotus 33 cars used a six spoke wheel from 1964 onwards


Bruce at Pattos place or Max at Maxi Models might have some suitable inserts.

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David- just to give the rest of us a break from saying how GORGEOUS your work is, why not just stick an old set of Scaley F1 wheels on it so we have something to criticise for a change.
You're not going to though, are you?
David: Wish you would get it right,the teams would spend summers down here,just to escape the winter! Yes the Tasman series was great,I used to go to the Longford rounds for the last 4 years. My grandmother lived in side the track boundry so never payed to get into the track! It was good to see the best drivers of that era racing. I have never forgiotten the sound of Chris Amon driving the Ferrari 350 Can Am in early morning practice,the thing could be heard miles away.

Phil - Wasn't Longford the track with the wooden bridge they raced over in those "safety conscious" days?

John - I might try and adapt the Maxi Models Eagle inserts, they're not ideal but might do as a temporary fix

Howmet - I can't find any Scalex wheels at the moment so the car is up on bricks until I can find something suitable.

I sprayed and decalled the car yesterday, lacquered and detail painted today - I have to work tomorrow and Sunday which will slow me down but I hope to finish the car by Tuesday.

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I more or less finished the car this evening but I'm not very happy with the wheels, I've used Maxi Models superb Eagle inserts reduced to fit and thinned so they recess into the wheel but I don't think they look convincing as the Lotus 6 spoke. I might put the wobbly webs on even though they aren't right for this car but they will perhaps look better.

I'm going to give it it's first run tomorrow to see how it handles.

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Favourite car, favourite driver. What else to say?
Apart from it looks like Jim packed his marmite sandwiches with him. I'm sure that's historically accurate. There must have been one race here he pulled into a layby to let the others catch up a little.
...don't know about lay-bys but I saw him park it in a marshal's post at Brands once!

Lovely David - best yet I reckon
Are you planning to enter this in the proxy?
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Howmet - The lunchbox with the Marmite sandwiches is the top of the motor which pokes up between his elbows, see here;

The next Jim Clark car I do will definitely have a Maxi Models driver figure to do the great man justice.

John - I guess you're referring to the Race of Champions in 1965 when he hit the bank at the bottom of South Bank, a very rare mistake indeed.

I plan to enter each car I build but by the time I finish them I get sort of attached to them and a bit unsure about how much very hard racing it will get subjected to, incidentally this car had it's first run on my test track today and is beautifully smooth and fun to drive - I thoroughly recommend the SCD U-bracket to anyone.

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Marmite sandwich pack or not, it looks superb!

And that is a nice looking bracket.

QUOTE I plan to enter each car I build but by the time I finish them I get sort of attached to them

Maybe you could intentionally build a dud, and enter that? Then, the rest of us could breath a little easier!

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Well, David, what can I say -- you're my hero!
Just amazing work.
I was going to say this is my favorite, but looking back at your '68 lineup from previous threads, I'm not sure I can say that. Everything you've done is first-rate.

And, you've sold me on that bracket! I'm going to place an order with Chas this week.

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Yup - happened right in front of me David!

Marmite butties? Lunch box? How about using one of those MotoGP motors as recommended by Mop... er um I mean Alan next time - Jimmy should be able to pack a complete picnic basket!
Very, very nice David........These cars really are superb, you should be very proud.


QUOTE (JohnP @ 2 Aug 2004, 19:37)Yup - happened right in front of me David!
I envy you the memories of seeing the great man racing live, as I've said before in other posts I saw him live on televised races but it's not the same is it.

I am planning a 25 and a 43 with the MotoGP motor.

Steve - If you use an SCD bracket remember it's 19mm wide so check it fits the bodyshell you're using.


What do you use for the mesh over the intake trumpets? I've ben trying to find something as fine as that without much success.

Superb work on a great subject. I just cannot wait for the photos that will come from the F-! Proxy races - can you imagine the spectacle of all those F-1s together?
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