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Jay - At one point every year I have a sort of model-making burn out where I find it impossible to even go into my model room. I'm never sure why this happens but it's probably a combination of my busy work schedule, the summer distractions of Goodwood and other real life motor racing events and not forgetting life generally!!

Whatever, the Lotus 43 still sits (as in the picture in this thread) with the complete Jim Clark figure waiting to be worked on. The 1967 Ferrari 312 F1 sits complete with nice BWA wheels and Ferrari wheel inserts awaiting my attention. The 1968 Cooper-BRM scratchbuilt is half done. Tha Matra MS11, Eagle Weslake, Lotus 72 and the Brabham BT26 shells are all partially prepared but gathering dust.

Sometime soon I'll prise open the door to my model room and get the urge to pick up one of the cars and start my autumn/winter burst of activity.

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