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Personal Tragedy

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I am writing you all for help.
My precious 3-year-old daughter Maya is at this moment in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, semi-comatose suffering from encephalitis or brain infection.

There is no direct cure at this moment and she needs to fight her way back herself.

Me and my wife and the grandparents are taking turns to be there around the clock to stimulate her to come back to consciousness, but it is very hard to see such a little girl laying immobile while she was so joyful and playing a few days ago...

I ask you to say a prayer or just send out a positive thought to support her, so that somebody up there might hear...

Yves Lambert
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Hi fellow slotracers,

Yesterday the doctors have noticed that Maya, for a moment, has been able to focus her eyes and follow an object. They concluded that there is now a definite clinical advance and that this is the first sign that she is fighting her way back to consciousness.

Although the moment was brief and the recovery may take months, our whole family is now clinging to this spark of hope that all will return to normal eventually.

May I already thank all of you, around the world, who have responded to my call or have thought of Maya, for your support. May I also ask you to continue in this way because it can only help her.

It is at these moments that you feel how much you love your children and that we take so much for granted. Simple things like the extra hug or kiss Maya gave me every morning before I left for work is something I thought was so normal. Her waving me goodbye or even her voice... But when you have to miss this, it hurts so deep down inside that it makes you wish it is all just a nightmare...

BUT, this first spark of hope and your continuing support gives us the strength and energy to go on.

Thank you.

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