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QUOTE (Screwneck @ 19 Jun 2012, 16:50) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Why do all the Le Mans prototype cars look so much like each other...?
Except for the Delta Wing, I agree they do all look rather similar although open and closed cars look distinctly different.
Surely that's for much the same reason as F1s all look rather similar
The rules are quite restrictive. There are max and/or min dimensions for so many many parts of the bodywork (and the tyres), as most designers agree which way the advantage lies they push it close to the limits.
Aerodynamics are a vital for performance, everybody will try and push in a direction that works best which tends to be rather similar for all the cars.
The designers all have a close look at each other's work, copy the ideas that work well and dispense with those that don't.
But of course there are open and closed options, - each develops in slightly different directions.
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