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Hi guys,

Enclosed you will find a few testshots, nothing fancy, only to give you a first impression of the new wooden track...

Apart from installing the trees and the figures around the track, nothing much happened last week scenerywise because my friend engineer stopped by and helped me out with the wiring. The wiring is now changed from standard jack to standard 220V electricity plugs which should be more reliable and resistant to abuse. Secondly I hooked the track up to a variable transformer (10 Amps) that allows me to turn down the power when the kids want to have a go.

You can imagine what happened once the controllers were functioning properly...yeah... racing-time !
I tried out every car and every lane and it was FUN !!!
Much better than a plastic track because there is less magnetic traction which makes the speeds more realistic, and you have to DRIVE this circuit. Moreover, once I switched it to 6,5V me and the kids raced the Nascars as never before ! Every turn was hard fought and although the kids haven't really figured it out yet, you need to keep as much speed in the turn as possible (without drifting) and get on the throttle as soon as possible coming out of the turn. Only then can you achieve enough top end speed to overtake the car right in front of you. The kids were happy just to make their laps, while I had the perfect opponents to try out different passing-techniques.

In a few of the pics, you will notice the Dunlop Bridge from Franck Caldara. If you're still doubting, it IS worth the money !
Enjoy !

Overall view of the track
Porsche 956 negotiating Arnage
Top view Arnage
Dunlop bridge back
Dunlopbridge front



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I must admit that this is a supercool track. To me the scenery is everything to the track and not the shape of the track itself. I'm hoping to build a track in my garage in a few years time. Looking at this track has gave me some great ideas. I'm going to go by what taxi said and say that you should post more pictures on this thread. If you were a slotforum plus member then you could have your own album of all the pictures of the track. Thanks a lot for posting these pictures tadream. I'm sure this thread will become very popular and maybe even a hot topic if you can post more pictures and give more info about the track. Good Luck!!

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Superb as usual! It looks great with the scenery added!

Come on! Hurry up and visit Petit Spa! The sooner you come over here, the sooner you can use me too for your passingtechniques!



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Fantastic job Yves. My favorite track has been paid homage to and what a way to do it. Even more fantastic than your previous work, which was also outstanding!

Cracking work

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But if I invite you to stay in Denmark for 6 months - will you make a track like that?
Just kidding, I've got to make it myself, but you just got all the small details right - just like the little green bumbers at the inside of the curves!

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