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Petit Le Mans

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QUOTE The last step was to add lighting, I therefore bought some "Life Like" multi-scale "Expressway lights"

Where can I get my hands on some cool lights like those? Anyone sell them online?
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Just posted this on Swiss thread on his own race track development so

GetSlotted have their own product which consists of 15 stainless steel lights with halogen bulbs (plus spare), wires, transformer and 3 connection boxes. Really easy to install (I'm currently adding a set to the rally layout I'm doing for GS) without need for soldering etc. The lights are nice and bright and if wanted you can paint the lamp posts.

RRP is £106 (for 15 lights) p&p free to UK plus their loyalty scheme bonus.

SCX do a set of two standalone lights for £18 but they look (IMO) gimicky.

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