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Petit Spa

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Hi guys,

I'm back online @ home. Got my pc back!
So here am I with some update pictures!

Because I got that many reactions on the buildings, I took some detailed pictures:

Details op VIP Tower: Floor 1: Press Room - Floor 2: Vip Bar

VIP Bar close up:

Top floor: Race control, Desks wih computers:

The elevated section: rocks are coming:

Rock's done with hydrofibre, a belgian product, it handles really well:

Rocks finished and holes filled:

First trees, put in the drying rocks (barriers will be painted in alu color later):

I illuminated some buildings:

Pit lane:

Pitlane by night:

Chez Bruneau: a local foodstand

Some more sphere pictures taken during races:

M3 GTR accelerating out of Stavelot:

Same M3 GTR leaving the pits:

First public for the training sessions:

He's having a blast allready:

Another foodstand:

M3 GTR passing the pits at dawn:

Hope you enjoyed the pictures, I sure enjoyed taking them...

Greetz from Spa

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Hello Gunther

Glad to see that you have posted some more pictures. You're layout is really taking shape now, looks excellent. And as always I am looking forward towards the next "photo post".

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Looks better and better each day. Have a question: what kind of "stuff" do you use for your fence and were did you buy it? I have tried to find something like that for a while now, but with out success. I am getting
"desperate" here and I have even considered about making my own fence. Thank you in advance.

Ps. keep up the excellent work

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Hello Gunther

Well I am a sucker for pictures too. But we getting bored of all the pictures
?? Way, just kep them coming.

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