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Petit Spa

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Hi guys,

I'm back online @ home. Got my pc back!
So here am I with some update pictures!

Because I got that many reactions on the buildings, I took some detailed pictures:

Details op VIP Tower: Floor 1: Press Room - Floor 2: Vip Bar

VIP Bar close up:

Top floor: Race control, Desks wih computers:

The elevated section: rocks are coming:

Rock's done with hydrofibre, a belgian product, it handles really well:

Rocks finished and holes filled:

First trees, put in the drying rocks (barriers will be painted in alu color later):

I illuminated some buildings:

Pit lane:

Pitlane by night:

Chez Bruneau: a local foodstand

Some more sphere pictures taken during races:

M3 GTR accelerating out of Stavelot:

Same M3 GTR leaving the pits:

First public for the training sessions:

He's having a blast allready:

Another foodstand:

M3 GTR passing the pits at dawn:

Hope you enjoyed the pictures, I sure enjoyed taking them...

Greetz from Spa

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So fantastic track !!! I'm impatient to see others pics

Very good idea for lighting the buildings, and the photos during race-night are very realistics

Will you make a film like..................."La Course GT" ?

Mike Delanney
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Hi Gunther,

Still so beautiful and make me dreaming like a child
Christmas is aproaching

How long did you spend time to realize this "Great Petit Spa" ?
So, have a good race...

Mike Delanney (who has just found his n° 20 917 Gulf steve Mc Queen from Fly on !!!)
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To Tdi Fahrer

Hi Gunther, if you've got the TV Chanel called ABmoteurs, on thursday 2nd of december at 8h30 am, there is a report about several race circuits, and Spa
I've already seen it, it's short but coulld be interesting for you and the others slotracers. But be careful, somtimes it's like Eurosport, not very on time

Mike Delanney
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1 - 3 of 54 Posts
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