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Petit Spa

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Hi guys,

I'm back online @ home. Got my pc back!
So here am I with some update pictures!

Because I got that many reactions on the buildings, I took some detailed pictures:

Details op VIP Tower: Floor 1: Press Room - Floor 2: Vip Bar

VIP Bar close up:

Top floor: Race control, Desks wih computers:

The elevated section: rocks are coming:

Rock's done with hydrofibre, a belgian product, it handles really well:

Rocks finished and holes filled:

First trees, put in the drying rocks (barriers will be painted in alu color later):

I illuminated some buildings:

Pit lane:

Pitlane by night:

Chez Bruneau: a local foodstand

Some more sphere pictures taken during races:

M3 GTR accelerating out of Stavelot:

Same M3 GTR leaving the pits:

First public for the training sessions:

He's having a blast allready:

Another foodstand:

M3 GTR passing the pits at dawn:

Hope you enjoyed the pictures, I sure enjoyed taking them...

Greetz from Spa

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Looks better and better each day. Have a question: what kind of "stuff" do you use for your fence and were did you buy it? I have tried to find something like that for a while now, but with out success. I am getting
"desperate" here and I have even considered about making my own fence. Thank you in advance.

Ps. keep up the excellent work

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Really, really, really nice Gunther!

QUOTE Hope you won't shoot me for posting all those pics every time, but I allways have a good time taking them, so I want to share them with you...

More pics! We always want more pics!

Cheers mate,

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@ Jan: Well, there is a little trick to it! Campers have to be early at the track, the only way to get to the campside is over the track. So campers have two free laps on the track if they come for a race-weekend... I would sign for it, if I went to Spa Francorchamps for the 24 hours!

And euh... about getting your coat? Coming this way?

@ Larsson: Well, that fence is in fact just ordinary grey musquito aluminium screen (or how do you call it in english?). It's cheap and available in every DIY shop!

Another camper, I found a VW T1 in 1:32 in the same version and color scheme that I married in three months ago. I coulnd't resist it...


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That is absolutely fantastic!

Great job. Looks fab.
Petit Spa is looking fabulous, and it's progressing at an alarming rate!
A few questions:
Sandboxes - So you are laying the sand down over wet paint and then vacuuming after the paint dries?
Fences - Are you gluing them to the posts? I've been pondering tying them with fine thread.
And your Dunlop bridge - It looks like it would span four lanes. Would it? And if so, what make is it?
Really looking great!
@ Sacesta:

Sandboxes: Yes indeed... I painted the areas, poured sand over it... left it to dry a night, and vacuumd the sand away... the sand left a very natural print in the paint!

Fences: Yep, I glue them to the posts... with strong clear "contact glue", I must say... it works really well, I also thought about it to ty them to the posts, but I tried it out and it's harder to do... en I think the result is messier... (I allways try everything out before using it on the track)

Dunlop Bridge: It's a Jouef bridge, it's a really old one, I have the original box from it too. I bouhgt it at a slotrace expo in the begining stage of my slotrace hobby. It would span four lanes, but I think it would be a little low over the track at the outside lanes! I'll take a picture with two trackpieces next to eachother for you tonight!

Mmm... it's race night tonight... can't wait...


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Hi Gunther,
Your update photos are the highlight of my slotforum week at the moment. Keep them coming!

I was very impressed with the fences. You say they are "musquito aluminium screen". Anybody reading this thread know where I can get this in the UK, or know of anything else I could try? I looked in my local DIY shop this weekend without any success.

Have a great race night!

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Yes, I can't describe it more then that...

It's what they put in doorways or windows to prevent housefly's to come inside...

Hope I helped you with this!


I used 'Greenhouse Shade' which I stumbled across in my local diy store about 6 months ago. It is fixed in 2 ways, round the track edges it is tied to the vertial posts of the armco with a little bit of wire every 6 inches or so...(or 10 if you ask the missus...ahem!) Around the paddock I have used some wooden dowels, again from the diy store and tied the fence onto the dowels with wire again.

(Sorry about the image quality, quickly taken on a camera phone.)

I was going to spray the posts and fence silver but when I put it up I actually quite liked the colours
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If you are looking to build fences - gutter guard is great stuff and fuse wire make great ties and are easy to use.
QUOTE (tDI_Fahrer @ 28 Nov 2004, 21:28)@ Mike: I think I started with Petit Spa about two months ago... but I think I'll work on it till the end of the year to get it finished.

Update pictures:

First of all, the sandboxes (for more info check this topic): I vacuumed the sand away, and I got this result: The sand made the paint look very natural with the bumps in the foam. I was pleased with this result, so I did the other sandboxes the same way. There are a few grains of sand left in the paintwork, but it's not enough to harm the bodies of the cars.


Drop that awful Scalextric railguards!
Buy some Ninco instead or at least use Scalextric Sport!
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@ Slotrace DK:

Those are Ninco railgards... but they will be painted in aluminium color...
And the plain white pieces of the curbstones will be painted black too... like the road widens there...

But... everything at a time...

Racing night was a blast yesterday... We were with five and we first raced with Hot Hatches... the Alfa 147's... a Seat Leon and a VW Golf. 10 heats of 20 laps, so everybody had raced to the four others. It were allways very close races. The first three were within two points from eachother!

Afterwards we had a 24 hour teamrace (again 45 minutes, 12 minutes daytime, 21 minutes darkness, and again 12 minutes with garage the lights on, and a driver change every five minutes) with the Repsol Marcos and an Ninco M3 GTR... My opponents were faster in the qualification with the Fly Marcos. In the race they got points to get the first to 100 laps... we were 4 laps behind... during the night we took over the lead... We reached the cape of 200 laps first with our M3 with the Marcos six laps behind us... At sunrise the better driver of the Marcos took over again... and he took some time back... but he overdid himself and the car... in lap 258 the Marcos started to sound really wierd... they stopped in front of the pits... removed the body... and noticed that the cardan-spring of the marcos was torn open... So they had to give up if they didn't want to ruin the gearing... so race over for them...

I have a few pictures on the Digicam... but I don't know if they are worth it to show here... I''l check them tonight...


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Oh, sorry then.
I've never seen Ninco guards in those colours.
To Tdi Fahrer

Hi Gunther, if you've got the TV Chanel called ABmoteurs, on thursday 2nd of december at 8h30 am, there is a report about several race circuits, and Spa
I've already seen it, it's short but coulld be interesting for you and the others slotracers. But be careful, somtimes it's like Eurosport, not very on time

Mike Delanney
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@ Mike: Thanks for the tip... too bad I don't have the ABmoteurs Chanel!
It sounds like an interesting chanel!

Well euhm...
I have a few pictures here... from race night... I don't want to overload you, but taking pictures is also a hobby from me, and I'm still learning! And since you all like pictures too...

Most of them are real action pics, when you see cars on the track, they're really racing...

A few pics of a manche of the Hot Hatch Cup:

The most bautifull 147 ever! The white GTA... the only streetversion in the Hot Hatch Cup for the moment, will be replaced when the Tempo Team 147 will be released!)

The Ninco VW Golf... Drifting through the Bus-Stop:

This is about how far those two were from eachother during the whole race:

The Marcos during training for the 24 hours, just before going onto the Raidillon... Our blue M3 GTR seems to drive out of the pits at that moment, and there is still an 147 in the sandbox from the Hot Hatch Cup. Seeing that picture reminds me of making the bridge over the start/finish lightbridge, and filling the last piece with greenery.

A think this is a nice see-through... focussed on the Oreca Pitcrew... It's about time the walls get their advertising on them... Marcos again passing the camera:

ETCC Team trucks arriving in the paddock, (1/32 NewRay Scania Stralis)

Another see-through: Alfa techicians unloading the 156's...

(Even more pics at this SF topic... Damn... I'm really a sucker for pics, I just realised you'll all be bored with these long before Petit Spa is ever finished)


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Hello Gunther

Well I am a sucker for pictures too. But we getting bored of all the pictures
?? Way, just kep them coming.

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Gunther I think the pictures are great. I particularly like the one of the pits from "the stands" looking through the catch fencing. That's particularly eye catching.

I'm about to start on a version of MOnza in the shed (12 foot by 8). It's looking at pictures like this that inspire a lazyboneslike me to get in and so something good (oh and an 8yo that keeps saying "why can't our track look like that?"

Keep the pictures coming.
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