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Phoenix GT Drivers Champ pictures

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These are a few of the pictures taken to get the ball rolling. They have been compressed as much as possible to still offer a reasonable quality but download times may still be lengthy as the number of pictures builds up.

Can you spot the SCI members behind all those black boxes and cables?

The Getslotted sponsored rally circuit. The lads appear to be mesmerised by "the hand of God". Note that the prize car is well and truly in safe keeping. Do you get the feeling that tall people have an advantage in this timed event judging by the lad on the right? Maybe Inte should hand the prize back and let somebody else have it who is more deserving!
There is another SCI member in camera by the way.

The Pendleslotracing sponsored digital circuit. Do you get the feeling that this digital racing thing leads to rapid hair loss! Maybe thats why Sean hasn't tried it himself yet!

Spot Boyzone. Now Shane (the wild and crazy one!) can print this picture off and pass it on to Ronan, Stephen, Keith and Mikey to proove that there is life after a band split. Note that the Boyzone USA fanzine website was last updated on May 31st 1999. Its about time the band had a reunion gig...
...come on Jonny S, you can sort it! Also spot yet another SCI member.

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Aw, so it's just me not getting the images then?
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