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Photobucket a bit shaky?

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I've noticed that Photobucket -- who many of us use for image hosting -- has been a bit shaky over the past week or so, resulting in many of the images posted here not being viewable from time to time. Seeing as it's a free service, I guess that I shouldn't really complain, but I think that we may need an alternative. I'm aware of Image Shack but I've found their website to be painfully slow.

Nuro, is there any possibility of SlotForum hosting images, please?

Kind regards

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We can host images and we can register domain names and give you your own site.

There are already a few slot-heads on the server: Swiss, Intergrali, Grah1, mac p and me.

Unfortunately the bandwidth and computer material is not free and the few ads cover only a small part of that. So we charge 93.50 euros per year that gives you a .com domain name and a web site for photos and HTML.

We're open to the idea of barter and have been known to accept new slot cars of equivalent value in lieu of cash.

The quality is good and we work hard to maintain uptime and a secure server enviroment.
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Would members be interested in a Gallery feature - built into the Forums or SlotForum? There is a Gallery add-on that I could purchace and integrate into the Forum software.

Full Integration

* Links in member profile to their gallery
* Uses the IPB posting system

Image Manipulation

* Uses GD 1.6.2, GD2, ImageMagick
* Watermarking images
* Thumbnail creation
* Resize images

Member Features: Personal Albums

* Create Multiple Albums
* Delete Albums
* Set to public/private
* Moderate within own album

Member Features: Favorite System

* Mark images as favorites
* Remove images from favorites
* Download favorites as a zip file
* View favorites in User CP

Member Features: Other Features

* Comment on images
* Image Rating
* Image Comments
* Image sorting options
* Quick Reply

Misc Features

* Image view counter
* Image comment counter
* View image filesize

This would be a service offered to members at a small cost that would cover extra bandwidth usage.

Let me know if you're interested.
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I'll post full details about this tomorrow. The Gallery software is fully installed and operational.

Hang ten until then^_^
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