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Photobucket fix for Firefox and Chrome users

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In case you have not been following the "photobucket gets nasty" thread, a fix has been found so that Firefox and Chrome users can see all the missing photos by using an add on.

Firefox users should go HERE.

Chrome users should go HERE.

By using the add ons all the ransom note pictures will have the originals magically restored. No doubt Photobucket will be frantically trying to overcome this but all should be well for the time being.
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Anything similar for Mac's and Safari?


Probably not!! I'm on the Mac and Vivaldi is much quicker than Safari and works very well.
The original fix seems to have stopped working so here is a new one LINK

Tested and working for me.

It is a Firefox add on but there is a link for Chrome users there as well.
Thanks muchly, Brian ......... all is sweetness and light again ..... :)
I just checked some of my pics on another forum and they are still there using the original fix.

can others see the pics?

Cheers Alan
Thanks very much, I have just rescued all my Photos from Photobucket

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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