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Photobucket gets nasty

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I've just visited one of my SF pages and all my lovely pics have been replaced by an message saying "Please update your account to enable 3rd Party Hosting".

Went to Photobucket and found their new Terms & Conditions (as of June 27th). Loads of small print but the bottom line is that if you want 3rd Party hosting (i.e. your Slot Forum pics are at Photobucket) it's going to cost you $399.99 A YEAR!

So, for the 2nd time in 2 years all my old posts have no pics and I've got to re-load everything. I'm not happy.

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Cool - thanks. That probably just saved me a lot of time.

May be a feature, may be a convenient bug of the Blink engine.
Yup: seems it's a Blink thing. Chromium on Linux doesn't show the Photobucket banners.

for people reading along: Blink is the engine used by Vivaldi, Opera, Chrome, Chromium -- this means these browsers are likely to render web pages in the same way. Firefoix and Edge and Safari use different engines.

Safari actually uses Webkit, which is what Blink is forked from, so it might be interesting to see which way Safari swings.

Regardless, this will be a minor rendering issue - something that will likely change soon enough as Blink and Photobucket update their respective code down the line.

{OLD GEEK MOMENT: Oh wow, they really did name it Blink because of the old Blink tag... That's hilarious and somewhat horrifying.)
Safari and Opera both show the watermark.

This mark just seems another good reason to dump Photobucket completely.

Surprising how differently various browsers display the same pages. Safari doesn't greet me with the Google demand to tailor ads for my personal benefit at startup. All the others do.
Basically, web code is somewhat complicated to render, and the browser makers have done a poor job of sticking tightly & fully to the standards that describe how the web code is meant to be used. Hence the variations. Um, "Things are better than it used to be"? It used to be pretty bad. Think I'll run away from the topic before I vent.

But be less generous for a moment, Safari is Apple and Apple is involved in a bit of shin-kicking with Google. So, yeah. Expect a little from that too.
181 - 184 of 184 Posts
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