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Photobucket gets nasty

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I've just visited one of my SF pages and all my lovely pics have been replaced by an message saying "Please update your account to enable 3rd Party Hosting".

Went to Photobucket and found their new Terms & Conditions (as of June 27th). Loads of small print but the bottom line is that if you want 3rd Party hosting (i.e. your Slot Forum pics are at Photobucket) it's going to cost you $399.99 A YEAR!

So, for the 2nd time in 2 years all my old posts have no pics and I've got to re-load everything. I'm not happy.

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Here's a couple of work around links that allow me to see the pictures hostaged by photobucket.

Links for Chrome
or ... jjgj?hl=en

Link for Firefox ... ix/?src=ss

Good Luck!

Note: I switched to imgur for hosting pix, and I'm pleased. Easy to navigate, and responds on command.
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The firefox add-in worked for me. Though there was one post that it didn't work for, it seems that must have been some other issue as the others all seem to work. Thanks for the link. I will not have to try to imagine what all these great photos were anymore. Seriously that has been really bad behaviour by whoever runs PB. Maybe some social media owner bought them out and set out to break all forums. (haha I'm just kidding)
All the linked Photobucket photos are back on my 'Beyond The Loft Hatch' and the 'Road Going Cars' thread (see links below). They seem to be back on my threads on other forums too.

Wonder if they've finally realised they messed up.
Aha... very strange, but good to know. They do seem to be slowly backing down, altho I doubt they'll ever admit they really screwed up.

I do seem to be getting more "special offers" and they sent a survey, none of which I've responded to. Since I had a cheapo plan, I supposedly get till the end of the year before photos go Pop, so will wait and see.

I haven't had any special offer emails from them for a month or two but I was using their free service, I have just checked one of my old threads and my photos have re-appeared.

Oh JOYOUS times - Photobucket images are back.

Quick - before they change their minds - take a look at Sig's EPIC Mexican airfield track.

If you haven't seen it - be prepared to be completely blown away.
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Yes definately worth a look, the smoking doughut is brilliant
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I wonder if PB realise the negative impact. I wouldnt mind betting they reduce their prices after a while........

Photobucket we will not forget. Your name is mud forever. For me now $19.95 not $400USD.
They can't restore any of my images as I jumped ship and took all my photos with me. Maybe I wasn't the only one.
Welcome To The New Photobucket!

Photobucket has new management, and we are liberating your images!

As of today, your hosted images are live.

Sounds like a fresh start for Photobucket, and good sense prevailed, thank goodness. See this link for details:


What were you hot heads thinking when you cancelled your PB account and deleted your images forever? Those are the threads that are forever ruined.

All you had to do was 'Keep Calm And Do Nothing' and play the long game!

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Not entirely the good news it seems. 3rd party hosting still requires a monthly subscription. Only $1.99 per month but those who do not cough up will no doubt have their images removed from forums again.

Many people on here did the right thing by taking their images back and posting them direct on this forum. That facility is still available to anybody who wants to use it. Just send me a PM request and I will give you temporary editing powers to replace them.
Only $1.99 per month
Thanks Brian, in my excitement hadn't spotted that you need to pay for 3rd party linking, but that would still be £15 a year well spent I'd have thought, especially if they really are removing many of the adverts that plagued the site and made it very unusable.
£15 per year until the price rises, as it inevitably will. SlotForum direct upload is free. All it costs is the one time effort to edit old posts and photos will then be with SlotForum until the day the forum dies, which is likely to be a long time after Photobucket is dead and buried.

In the realm of internet forums, there is little more frustrating than finding an interesting thread, only to see its photos replaced by blank spaces because the third party photo host has vanished or the poster's account has been closed. For the sake of all our current and future readers and that of history, I hope everyone will make the effort to repair broken threads. Photobucket has messed us about once and will almost certainly do so again.
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You forgot the forum is going to be with google lol. Wait for it.
I wouldnt trust them anymore at any price.
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The difference between Google and Photobucket is that, whilst they both are arguably imperfect, one behaved so imperfectly that it haemorrhaged users and the other didn't. Photobucket users voted with their feet, most Google complainers just complain but continue to use the service. They want something for nothing. Until that changes, Google won't change.

Personally I'm happy with Google. I get a service that I don't have to pay for in exchange for their use of my browsing data. That's a deal I'm comfortable with. Nothing in life is free.
I can see it now. Want to use another company other than google images? Pay here.
Then later....want to use google images? Pay here.
All the free stuff is just a more cunning long term trap. Still only early days yet.
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