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Photobucket gets nasty

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I've just visited one of my SF pages and all my lovely pics have been replaced by an message saying "Please update your account to enable 3rd Party Hosting".

Went to Photobucket and found their new Terms & Conditions (as of June 27th). Loads of small print but the bottom line is that if you want 3rd Party hosting (i.e. your Slot Forum pics are at Photobucket) it's going to cost you $399.99 A YEAR!

So, for the 2nd time in 2 years all my old posts have no pics and I've got to re-load everything. I'm not happy.

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A trap, or just plain old business? I'd like a nice Scorpius set-up but, horror of horrors, the guy wants money for it!!!!

Google is like any other business and wants to make a profit. It's achieving its aim exceptionally well.
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Personally, I consider the hours I spent rescuing my images and doing everything via direct upload at Slot Forum to be very well spend. I'm future-proof!

A trap, or just plain old business? ......
In this case I expect both 😊
You will see that all Photobucket hosted images have returned although they have put watermarks on them.

Albeit somewhat proudly ................. :)
Just got my yearly bill from Photobucket - they seem to have "upgraded" me to a Plan 20, or something like that, at abotu $29/year.

I think I had originally chosen Plan 10, which was more like $10 or $20 a year - but don't remember to be honest, and don't feel like looking it up. Seems a fair price to pay for the convenience.

While I now use direct upload, I've got a thousand or so photos on Photobucket, and still post them now and then, which is rather convenient...

I see Flickr have now gone a bit profit conscience too. 200 pics max for free instead of the 1tB they had when Yahoo owned them.

More than enough for me as I have retreated almost entirely from keeping anything private or important on the net. In fact, I can't remember what I have up there. Must take a look.

PS. Had a look but can't access it anyway as they say there has been some unusual activity and will only use the email address they have which is years old. Shows how long it is. Don't see the point now with direct uploads. I have nothing on any other forum

PPS! The stupid thing is that I can do a search on my name and my Flickr pics are there for all to see. Can't access them to delete though as they won't talk to me!
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I see Flickr have now gone a bit profit conscience too. 200 pics max for free instead of the 1tB they had when Yahoo owned them.
Their website now says 1000 images or videos on the free service, which actually seems pretty decent.
I use Flickr a lot for photo sharing, not image hosting, and I like it. Remember, Flicker started out as an add-on to attract customers to Yahoo, not as a for-profit venture in and of itself. The current owners bought it from Yahoo and need to turn a profit for it to continue to exist. Unlike photobucket, they're doing a reasonably good job of communicating with current users, trying to be fair, and not price gouging customers if they want to keep their photos. That's my opinion.
[Actually Flickr started as a Very Cool Project by Stewart and Caterina, back when it was really fun to do things like that on the web, and such projects carried the risk of being so successful that you'd get bought out for megabucks. Which eventually happened, just by Yahoo and not Google like we were guessing at the time. Otherwise, yes, quite agree. Fingers crossed with SmugMug. Better chances with them than Verizon I think.]
I only use photo hosting sites so I can post pictures on BBs. I have about 350 pictures on Flickr and I tend to use it to post race results. When the results are two years old I delete them.
Here is another example of the "unobtrusive" watermark that Photobucket is now putting on people's pictures.

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Is this one of those 'spot the XXXXX amongst all the XXXXXs'?

Perhaps you could ring the offending watermark as I'm buggered if I can see it!
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Very interesting. What's your browser & OS. Also do you have a paid pbucket account perhaps. And whatever blockers you may have attached to the browser would be nice to know. Or equivalent Hosts mods.
Using High Sierra (10.13.6) and Vivaldi browser on the Mac.

I have Adblock Plus and Gostery running along with a Video autoplay blocker.

I certainly wouldn't consider a Photobucket account
In fact I no longer use any hosting site and keep everything locally.
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Neat. I'll have to play with it to see what I'm missing. I'm Firefox Linux, Adblock Plus with exceptions disabled, und Privacy Badger. Stopped Ghostery a while back when it was buggy. Flash is default off of course, and everything is full Privacy Mode, so I'm not followed around by any accounts.
Just tried it with Firefox and it shows the watermark!

Same blockers running.
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