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Photos only visible when I am logged in

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Photos are only visible when I am logged in.

What is wrong?

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You need to be logged in...stops unauthorised photo access.
Even when I am logged in, directly uploaded pics are now only showing as an attached file... images posted via Flickr etc are showing okay. This is happening with new and old posts. Happening with Safari on iOS + Firefox, Chrome, Opera on Windows PC.
I can only see attached files as well on my Imac. Logged in so that is not the problem.

Yep, seems to have happened all of a sudden.

Just raised this issue with the other mods, and we'll contact the tech guys and see what happened.

I can't even see pics that I've uploaded to my own threads now either!

The phrase 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it!' comes to mind....
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Trying something:


Image appears when I pull it from "My Gallery"

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Yep, worked with photobucket also.

In fact, this had already been reported to the tech guys, and hopefully they're on it!

Something's happened because now some of the pics have returned.
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I wish more people would use the attached image option.

I tend to look at the forum at work during my lunch and can see all the enbedded pictures but a lot of the pictures just appear as links and I can't see any of these. Either our system blocks the site or I get to the site but not to the picture.

Does this predate the recent problem (from the last week roughly)? That particular problem seems resolved now, after Chappy contacted tech support. Most photos should appear as such, and I think most posters do put in photos and not links for their images.

Have you tried at home too, to see if the same thing happens,

I ALWAYS use the attached image option, and my pics still weren't showing during the recent problem................
It may well be due to the company's servers but as an example in the vintage magazine section I can see all the pictures in the first 3 current postings as they say attached images. In the next 2 postings I just get a list of external links and when I click on them I get the following

Light Product Azure Rectangle Font

via my phone I can see the pictures without being logged in.


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I don't understand that Keith. I have just checked the first 10 threads in the magazine section and all the images are there - are you still unable to see some of them?

One of my threads in the Hobby Traders section has gone all sqiffy. Problems range from photos not showing with the clickable text string leading to 404 errors, to the photos appearing only as thumbnails, which do display correctly once clicked upon.

Amongst all this, there are random batches of photos that remain as postage ie 999 pixels wide ......... most odd.
My thread on Chip Repairs has also started to produce thumbnails from previously large size photos ............ has something changed recently???

Anyone ........... :(
No idea what's going Greg mentions above, all pic's are now thumbnails?
We've asked VS to look into it, don't know what's going on. A couple weeks ago it was photos coming up as links...

I have alerted VS today
But its a bank holiday Monday so likely Tuesday before anything happens.
Sorry guys
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