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Photos only visible when I am logged in

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Photos are only visible when I am logged in.

What is wrong?

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It looks as though the problem lies with me loading photos directly from my PC, these are the one that appear to be missing. The existing ones are stored in my Galleries on the Forum and the thumbnail ones are recent ones from my PC.

Passive circuit component Circuit component Hardware programmer Microcontroller Capacitor

This is from my PC ........


This is from my one of my SFI Galleries .....

Errrr ....... it would appear not to be the case. There must be something funny going on in my Hobby Trader area ......


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All of mine are uploaded direct from my PC to my threads, and they're all back to normal size again, thank goodness.

But I do wish they would just leave things alone, if it ain't broke, don't fix it!
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Well bloze me down ...... it all working again, just like it should .......... ack, ack, ack
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This might have been a cloud caching issue. The cloud flare security that protects us from bot attacks also on occasion will create minor problems like this.

Thanks Philip.

From your answer I assume this problem came and went all by itself?

Cheers Philip, thanks for your quick attention. We really appreciate it.
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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