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Hello Slotters, back after the break, if you missed part 1, may I suggest you go back to that post first to keep everything in chronological order, and I also answered some of your questions there!

As for the rest: let's go!

Schumi and the Jaguar coming in for their first regular pit stop

Ralf already in the pit to repair the damage from running off the track…(the car is a dummy from a Taiwanese company called NewRay)

The Scuderia from Lane 1 eagerly awaiting their man…(the T-car is an old converted Williams from Cartronic, the crew are all Scalextric)

What a paintjob and some winglet reworking can do…I'm still on the lookout for the excellent DMC F1 tobacco decals though…(I ordered them online once at Professor Motor, but after about a dozen emails to them I got No (as in nada, zilz, none, nothing) reaction or anything…

The Renault refueled and tires changed, giving them a good rub in by leaving the pit with traction control off…

Excellent camerawork by the media team, bringing you all the action from close up!

The turns in and out of the pit bay are all inner lanes from R1 pieces, the x-over in the left top of the pic are 4 connected outer lanes of R1 pieces. Note in the middle of the picture the black tube that keeps the HP airline for the Ferrari left rear wheel gunner out of the way, the led illuminating the LDR sensor (in the slot) can just be seen.

Montoya exiting the pit lane and slipping into second place, however…

…all is still not well within the team with the upcoming departure of the Colombian to McLaren next year, as can be seen on the pit board!

Close racing through the hairpin, and this is not even a digital track…(yet)!

Let's just continue with the next part..

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Part 3!...

An unfortunate Arrows: engine blow up…

One marshaller signalling to the Loadall driver to come and hoist the wreck away, while the other is testing his fire extinguisher for if things get out of hand…

Underneath the empty SCX Arrows chassis I installed a model train smoke generator with a small cpu fan to blow the smoke out, operated by a hidden on/off switch; it is a great distraction for the competitor I'm racing against (Heh, heh…)
I had this idea in my head for many months, but I first had to finish the "big" things before going into the details…

A very disappointed Jos Verstappen, but yet still unknown to him that the next seasons would be even worse…

Coulthard exiting the pit lane, the grandstand is made of foamed cardboard and paint mixing sticks, the flags are cut from racing magazines, and the vending machine (and pit interiors) from

The back straight, running on top of the pit garages, an idea I got from "Henk's ninco track"

Oh no, Fernando in despair after a front suspension failure…

More misery, Barichello lost it coming up on the back straight, and crashed into the Armco barrier…(An old Cartronic Ferrari, you can see the radiator air inlets are different from the current cars, I still need those decals though!)

The Jordan pit crew are 2 sets of SCX figures, the car is a repainted dummy from NewRay

Lane 2 (jeez, how could you guess that?) controller station: Red Flag button stops the race when pressed: track power is cut, the red led on top starts flashing and timing is paused; Pit stop and cancel (if you change your mind) buttons operate the changeover mechanism, which is an electromechanical unit used from a model train railroad

On to the last stint…

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Part 4…

Again the lifesaver tire stacks, visually very appealing, but not very useful to do what they are supposed to, because they are much to rigid to absorb an impact (they do however get excellent results in "realistic wing/car damage and increasing costs in the hobby for replacement parts and cars")

The winner being flagged down by mr. Tony George, making a special guest appearance. He actually waves his arm through about a 45 degree arc, the flag rotates freely around the pole, the mechanics are adapted from the flaggers on the Yarker Memorial Raceway, a site also somewhere on the net. (The control rod goes through his left leg, with a pivot point in his back, 't was a hell of a surgery but as you all can see: he came out better than before…

And now for the next event…


A "vorjahres wagen" (last year's car) being lapped…also note he lost the right mirror in the heat of the battle, like in real!

Of course, we also do Vintage races! (my favourite: the GT40… I can't wait till Scalextric releases the new model, the Ford GT…Ahhh)

Well, signing off from the Skipsleat International Raceway, I hope you enjoyed the action, and do apologise for the long posts, maybe it should have been put in the members layouts section or aah whatever…got to get to do some more racing as this photographing crap is taking too much time…haha

Greetings and eagerly awaiting your comments and critiques,

Martin Ton

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Superb Work Martin.

The pit lane is wonderful and must add to the fun of racing.

That would be a great track to test out Digital systems. 6 or so Formula 1 cars racing at one time would be very interesting.

Thanks for showing us what can be done.



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Thanks guys!


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Outstanding work! I've been hatching my own pit lane after reading Thomas' site, and now I will DO it. Of course I have 20 other things to do first...

Great job!
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