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Pictures of new Fly masters in GSR magazine

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I've just received my copy of the December 2004 issue of GSR magazine, which has these pictures of the masters of the Fly Porsche 917LH, BMW M1, Renault 5 Turbo and Lancia 037:-

Apologies for the poor scans.

Kind regards,

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QUOTE (dannyboy @ 5 Jan 2005, 11:30)Fly has got to do better than that, with the 917LH. The front is just WRONG! Why can´t they see that

And normally Fly are the "masters of detail"!

that's as maybe but they've not shied away from a touch of "well it's close enough" when it comes to 917 variants. Specifically the Jagermeister 917/10 they released that was actually a 917/30.

Hopefully they'll sort it out, but the fact that it seems to be fitted with the 917k light pods makes me think that they've decided to use those to save a bit of cash... It's those lights that are resposible for the squared-off front.

The others look nice. I wonder how much the 037 is based off the Group 5 Beta montecarlo...
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