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pinions for scalextric FF Motor

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Hi everyone,
Wondered if anyone knew if the pinions that fit the scaley FF motors are available singularly anywhere? All I can find is a pack (C8403) which has 5 pinions costing between £7 & £8! I only want one!

Cheers, Dave
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It`s the tpe of thing where you are best off buying a pack of 5 Dave... you never know when you`ll need more spare, especially when the cars get older.
Kev, the problem is the pack of 5 are all different sizes, i.e. 8/9/10/11 and 12 teeth, I only use the 9 tooth pinion!

Sorted.............. Thanks to Sean from Pendle who gave me the part number for a 5 pack of 9 tooth pinions available form slot city at £3.50, that will do it for me, cheers.
Scaleauto makes both nylon and brass pinions for FF motors (1.5 mm shaft) sold in packs of 2 for around 2£. Pendle stock them, but I think they are out of 9 teeth at the moment.
I have to say that Sean from Pendles is incredibly helpful and very resourceful 10 outta 10 for effort
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Yes you are right there Greg. He donated several chassis to us so we could give them to the kids at NERCS to keep the cost of building their own cars down!
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