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I checked on Pioneer slot car web site the futur model that will be done
Someone know why model MGB will have a 16000 rpm motor instead of standard 18000 rpm motor?
Motor position or motor size will be different?


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I would say that it is because people are looking for a more classical speed for this car. Like the Ninco Classics with the NC-1/NC-8. These are (IMHO) a lot better to drive than those with the NC-5.


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An MGB with a motor that performs like an F1 or a Le Mans GT car would be a bit silly; especially as the wheelbase and scale dimensions and tyres couldn't transfer that amount of torque and rpm to the track.

Who would want every slotcar to perform the same, anyway? That's be so dull and boring

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At Gaydon I tried one of the SCX Citroen 2CV rally cars and it was the exact opposite of how a real one goes - very rapid acceleration but rattling over the bumps.

Probably good for racing against other rally cars but I think a 2CV would be sweeter if it wasn't too fast but could hold its maximum speed over the bumps. With a 1:32 scale basket of eggs on the rear seat

I'm not really a fan of the Austin Cambridge convertible, but Pioneer's model looks good in the sneak peek pictures
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