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Following the successful Trans-Am Pioneer race held on the 3rd July the club's Pioneer Club Night series kicks off next Monday - 11th July.

The rules - not many but here they are:

Eligible cars - Pioneer Mustang Fastback and Notchback models, Dodge Charger and Hemi Charger models can be used for this event.
Bodies - must remain standard. May be painted, bit must display at least 3 race numbers.
Interiors - standard full interiors to be used. The screws securing them to the chassis may be removed to allow the bodies to roll.
Chassis - must remain standard. No trimming allowed.
Motors - standard motors provided with car must be used. If the motor shows any signs of been openned or tampered with, you will not be able to take part in the event.
Gears/axles/bearings - all must remain standard. A small amount of glue may be used to stop gears spinning or moving and the bearings may be glued in.
Wheels/Tyres - must again remain standard. Tyres may be glued to the hubs and lightly sanded, but must show some tread pattern on the suface when brought to scrutiny. Front Tyres may also be lightly sanded.
Guide/braid - the deep guide provided in the spares bag may be used. No other guides or braid may be used.
Weight - up to 5grams of lead may be added to the chassis inside the car.
Magnets - no traction magnets to be used, so please remove the one fitted to the car as standard !!

The rules are set to try and keep the cars as standard as possible, but allow a few modifications to make the cars better to run on a wooden track.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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