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Wow, just updated APB with new firmware....
Downloaded latest SSDC......Fantastic stuff Mr Wallace....
...disconect ssdc button ..non linear throttles.....etc etc a massive Thank you

Dug out track and set up for the winter therapy series.....

Have all correct leads,2 power supples, Connected up pit pro and extra sensor track.....

Pit pro worked every time last year...

This year the sensor in the PLG seems to have become very fussy about which cars it wants to detect....using extra track piece as the entry to pits this registers every car...BUT on exit the PLG does not...Leaving some cars to crawl round track at pit lane speed untill they get released by the APB sensor as they pass start line.

The PLG seems sluggish to start up only liking the new DPR chip at the beginning but after a few passes it seems to start detecting other cars as well, BUT not all of them..

Pulled PLG apart cut larger hole in track around felt tipped the small circuit board that PLG sensor is mounted on,, cleaned top off sensor with switch cleaner...used conductive grease on PLG pins....

Has the PLG sensor gone past its sell buy date???????

Can a new sensor be fitted that has the same sensitivity as the one fitted to extra track piece????

Or have got some other PLG related problem?

Any ideas gentleman


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you have done everything that most people would of suggested Mike,the first thing i usually honor on a dodgy senser is the vacuum treatment and this has always worked when one of mine has played up.

When you say you have cleaned the senser with contact spray did you mean you just sprayed it,it might be worth spraying some on a cotton bud and wiping the senser..

Otherwise you might need to contact riko or rich for a more definate answer or worst case a repair.

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Thanks bigbird

Its what i probably suspected....sensor top has been wiped with cotton wool bud....

did look at some of cars leds and some have suffered a little track abrasion and some are alittle more recessed than others, BUT pit lane entry always clocks them...
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