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Pit Pro

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Sorry If this has been asked before, have searched but couldn't find It. I am thinking of separating pit pro from the track piece, which should be straight forward because in a way It already is and has been done before, I have seen some marvellous examples of pit pro combined with the lap display. My main goal is to make a housing for pit pro with the red/green light, probably combined with the lap display, but I want to run the leds in parallel to the driver stations.

Has this been done before ? Can I expect current-problems when running leds in parallel ?

And another suggestion, I think It would be nice to use the led's of Pit Pro for other purposes too, like stop&go indicator for example, track call , tyre wear indicator etc. If running parallel, one could change the color of the leds. Thing is, software should be compatible too.

Thanks for your input !
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Can't help on the electrical/electronic stuff, but would like to note that PC Lap Counter makes use of Pit Pro in a different way than SSDC. What the LEDs show is entirely up to the software controlling them, as they are "dumb" when connected to the PC. I believe PCLC uses them for penalties as well as fuel and pit-lane indications. I don't think it would be possible to have one row be a fuel indicator for a driver AND something else on the "board", though. Since they'd be parallel, they'd each show the same lights. Also, Andrew already has a hefty to-do list. I would be surprised if changing the way Pit-Pro works would get any work time for a good long time.
Hopefully an electronics guru can answer that for us. I know it has to do with amp draw and power supply and such, but it's not in me to figure it out.
I would imagine that 6 extra sets of parallel LEDs would be more than you'd want to power from the Pit-Pro without some kind of modification or power supplement, though.
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1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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