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Pit Pro

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Sorry If this has been asked before, have searched but couldn't find It. I am thinking of separating pit pro from the track piece, which should be straight forward because in a way It already is and has been done before, I have seen some marvellous examples of pit pro combined with the lap display. My main goal is to make a housing for pit pro with the red/green light, probably combined with the lap display, but I want to run the leds in parallel to the driver stations.

Has this been done before ? Can I expect current-problems when running leds in parallel ?

And another suggestion, I think It would be nice to use the led's of Pit Pro for other purposes too, like stop&go indicator for example, track call , tyre wear indicator etc. If running parallel, one could change the color of the leds. Thing is, software should be compatible too.

Thanks for your input !
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Still, If the most right LED is green for full tank, going down to yellow and red, parallel is an option. I was aware of PC lapcounter, the only reason I haven't tried is that It doesn't have auto track call, something I think I can't miss. I admit that PCLC's pit pro functions are what I am looking for. It uses 1 led for fuel level, which startrts blinking faster when getting empty I believe, but I especially like the stop&go feature. After taking a look again at PCLC, I think I can initiate a track call with a button connected to the parallel port. Interesting, since I use button brake, I need an extra button for track call. So, parallel the led's won't hurt I guess ?
QUOTE (sealevel @ 29 Jul 2011, 06:35) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>2.... but I wonder what happens if you are looking at the driver station while pressing the controller... might want to have the lights on the track instead!


If you parallel them, you have the pit pro on track and at your driver station. With my new lay-out It is almost impossible for everyone to see the leds on pit pro when in original form. But yes, may be the lights at strategic places is an option (at the wall, at eyesight ?). Although when leds in parallel I will have fuel level on monitor, on pit pro AND driver station. Now, If you still run out of fuel, It really is your own fault !
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1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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