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Light can definitely trigger a pit in signal. At a friend's track, he had installed track lighting (the ceiling kind) to aim at his track. One of the 6 lights was aimed quite close to the Pit Pro track. Every once in a while we noticed false pit detections. Toward the end of the night, we realized it happened when someone shadowed and unshadowed that light on the pit sensor. We then had some fun making the sound repeat by flashing our hands between the light and the sensor.

Now that I remember that, I'm wondering if his sensors have been somehow messed up by the lighting? He hadn't used the pits for a while, and the other night we tried a race with fuel, but the Pit Pro was not working properly. Cars weren't being detected at all. The display was also not showing all the cars correctly, though, so there might be more to the problem than lighting.

Anyway, there's at least one track in the world where it doesn't take a car to trigger a pit in.
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