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I just got the PitPro. Really fast delivery from RikoRocket, thanks for that!
It's working just fine but now cars sometimes "enters" the pit while in the middle of the track.
I mean I hear the "in to the pitlane" and then car is slowed down to the pitlane speed. Normal speed comes back when the car crosses finishline.

Last weekend we did quite a few races and that happened about 5-6 times. Not once during free practice. So its not a frequent problem but not a great random feature...
When the car drives to the pit normally, pitpro works just fine. Well couple of times it did miss the enter to the pit but that might have been due to too much speed and drifting over the sensor.

Is it just me or has this happened to anyone else?

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APB firmware 1.009

Pit Entry+Exit: Exit after start

I was driving free practice just a moment ago to record pace car data. I entered the pitlane but the
pitlane call was signed to a car which wasnt even on the track. When I exited the pitlane
it called the running car on the pitlane. Pitlane sign stayed on that other car. Second time I entered to the pit
I was able to fuel the car but at the sametime the pitlane sign lit to yet another car which wasnt on the track.
So leaderboard showed that I had 3 cars at the pit when I was driving alone.

The driver was same with all the cars. Does this mess up ssdc? Or does it just look the car id's?

I dont remember precisely what was the situations in the weekends races. Did someone enter the pit when those
false pit entrys came. But that might be the case.
I have set the pitlane speed to 25% almost all cars so the power drop doesnt go unnoticed. So if you run out of gas durnig the race
your going to lose a lot of time.

I have 6 spotlights in the ceiling and all are "normal" light bulbs. None of those point directly down. Sun doesnt shine
directly in to this room.
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