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Pittman with Extra Magnets

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Does anyone know anything about using neo magnets to supplement the field of old motors like the Pittman DC 196?

Would the increased field strength be best with a rewind or substitute armature (have some Pittman 65A-6 volt armatures). And what gear ratio would then be best?

Has anyone experimented with the stock wind, and extra magnets, while gearing at, say, 2.5:1? (more torque, less revs than with the stock field).

Motor would be used on home tracks with 10-16 foot straights, at 12 to 13.8 volts, up to 30 amps.
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Robert somewhere deep in the data base on this forum is an article I posted about sticking mabuchi magnets on the pole pieces of frame motors I cant find it but basicaly in years gone by I and others used to stick mabuchi 16d mags on the polepieces of pitman 196bs to increase the torque it works very well and I still use the method to revitalise atlas 206's and scaley powersledges.Jimmy in greece however stacks neos as a replacement for the original magnet this also works well.
On the subject of gearing I always used 3-1 with pitmans treated like this as oposed to thr 4-1 I used with out the added magnets , staights on our club track then were around 20 -25 ft
link to article

found the old article just click on the above link
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