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Planning a routed track

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Hello all,

I've always said my dream is to make my own routed track, but always thought I didn't have the space. I've been giving this a lot of thought lately and think I've found a way around this. A storage location has become apparent in my house, so I could actually have a routed track if it can be taken down and stored in two sections.

Here's the design I've been playing with:

This rather roughly drawn plan is kind of to scale and, if built, would be 4 metres long and 1 metre wide, widening to a bit over 1.5 metres towards the left end of the track. I've designed this with three lanes in mind.

The wish list for this build is as follows:

1. Three lanes
2. Analogue
3. Working pit lane
4. Some scenery
5. Street circuit, loosely inspired by Monte Carlo.

The track would run clockwise, starting on the main straight at the bottom, through a sweeping turn, under the bridge towards a hairpin where the lanes would narrow to follow a more natural racing line. This would continue up a steady climb to a tighter hairpin, which I'd like to vaguely resemble the Mirabeau/Lowes section of the Monte Carlo track (see below, except my track will be climbing up rather than plunging down):

After the hairpin, the track would continue to climb up to a 90 degree right-hand turn before the bridge. Again, this series of bends will follow natural racing lines before widening to a more traditional scalextric style lane spacing over the bridge. This would continue through the fast turn after the bridge, along a short straight before again tightening to a racing line through a plunging, swooping section which I'd like to be something of a cross between Spa's Eau Rouge and the Corkscrew at Laguna Seca. The lane spacing will then, once more, widen, and lead in to the long final turn before the start/finish straight.

The track would need to split into two-metre long sections for storage. My main concern here would be that the pit building (which I will attempt to scratch build from foam board) would have to sit on the split between the two sections of the track and would therefore have to be two separate structures.

Has anyone else out there built a three-lane track of a similar size?
Should I instead be considering a two-lane track given the amount of space I have?
Any other feedback?

This is going to be a bit of a slow-burner, this one. I have a lot of tools and materials to buy before I can even think about starting work, and a rather limited budget. If I can get the plan nailed first, it would at least be a start!

Any feedback welcome!

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Hello all,

Many thanks for all the feedback.

John's Slotracing: You raise a key point here, and something I'd not given a lot of thought to previously. I suppose I've always wanted three lanes because my head has been turned by some of the amazing tracks I've seen on this forum in the past. These tracks have been my inspiration to move from plastic track rug racing to a routed track with scenery. But, If I'm going to be honest, most of the time the track will be used by 1-2 people.

Diegu: Again, you've raised a point I'd overlooked in my original diagram - the need for skid-aprons/run-off areas!

I have therefore had another go at drawing out the plan, paying a little more attention to scale (if my rudimentary grasp of mathematics is to be relied upon!

This plan is based on the same dimensions as the original plan, but I've gone down to two lanes (lane width based on the width of standard Scalextric track: 156mm) and have allowed between 50 and 75mm for skid aprons. The larger empty space on the right side of the plan is where I intend to have a larger run-off area with tyre walls etc and low-relief buildings in the background.

Bam: Your track is the Formula One 1990 one, isn't it? Nice track! I agree with you that two lanes will free up space for more scenery and - given that my track is meant to be a street circuit - scenery will be key to creating this feel and look.

Dangermouse: Nice track, but I understand your desire to incorporate some scenery - particularly after seeing the tracks on that Slotmods site, some of those tracks are truly works of art!

With two lanes, I can still have a mixture of standard lane spacing and racing line style squeezes.

I must admit I'd never really considered 1/24 scale cars. To be honest, it's hard enough keeping up with all the 1/32 scale cars I want without adding a load more to my 'To Buy' list!

I'm no doubt a long way from doing any scenic work, but it is inevitably something I've started thinking about. One thing I'm thinking about is the use of low-relief buildings against the background. I've been looking online for any 1/32 scale kits, but there's not a lot out there. All I've really found are some 1/35 kits of shops, houses and cafes produced by companies such as Verlinden and Mini Art. These are generally used by WW2 enthusiasts for dioramas, but would be ideal for the European feel I'd like to create in this track.

Has anyone used similar models on any of their tracks in the past? Would 1/35 scale models look significantly out of scale on a 1/32 scale track?

As ever, any feedback welcome!

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